Saturday, April 11, 2009

Idea Exchange!

Believe it or not, I use the same writing exercises with adults that I use with kids. Creativity is creativity and writing is just an extension of that. It doesn't make a difference whether I'm presenting at a writing conference for published or aspiring authors, doing author-in-school visits, or sharing my ideas at an teacher in-service...the same activities ignite sparks of creativity.

I think every now and then, weekends would be a good time to share. Sometimes it's easier to share in the form of an answer, so I'll ask questions.

1. Is there any special writing exercise that really makes you more creative?

2. Does paying attention to your five senses help you to write?

3. Do my activities help you?

4. Would you like to see different kinds of activities? If so, what kind?

5. Do you have an activity that you'd be willing to let me share here on my blog?

6? What did you write last week?

Feel free to answer any or all of my questions!


Latte Lady said...

Yes, using my 5 senses seem to help. I know it helps the Espressos, too!

I love your activities, but, you already knew that after my post about YOU!! :)

What did I write last week? I wrote a Mini Christian Seder for Passover for our family and close friends to do for the first time!

Latte Lady said...

Ooops, I mean "seems".