Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paint With Words...Spring Pictures!

By now, most of you have at least inhaled spring. Even if the weather hasn't been good enough for you to go outside, your mind has been working and your senses have been ignited...right?

Use your senses to paint a spring picture with blossoming words...words that shout like art from a springtime canvas.

Here's an example of what I mean. I could say: I love to smell sweet spring air. That paints a little picture, but not one that's worth remembering.

Now I'll use my words to paint on a canvas for you: Delicate spring air tickled the buds on the tulips as they poked through the soft damp ground. See what I mean? Can you smell the tulips in the air?

Writers: Chose one spring idea from your list (last activity). Write a short sentence from that idea...plain and simple. You will probably have a telling sentence, much like the first one in the example above.
Now close your eyes and use your senses as a catalyst to ignite your creativity. Rewrite your original sentence. This time paint a lovely spring picture with your words.

Teachers and Parents: Do the same activity as above, but talk it though first.
Ask your children to change the telling sentences below to ones that burst with the flavor of spring.

Here are your telling sentences:

I like spring.

It is warm outside today.

I can hear birds sing.

Don't forget to add your two cents worth! When you're involved, your kids will want to paint with words. After you're through talking, ask your kids to write a sentence using the same two step process in the example above.
As usual, please share!

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