Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop a Conversation!

Have you ever really thought about the power of words? Could you stop a conversation at a dinner party? Think about it for a minute. What could you say that would make everyone stop and listen?

Since this is April, I could say, "I wish the Internal Revenue Service would stop calling my house!"

I guarantee you all ears would be turned towards me.

Writers: Can you think of one sentence that would make a group of people stop and listen? Think about it for a second...just a second! Please share your conversation stopping sentence! I'd be willing to bet that we'll get a few zingers!

Teachers and Parents: Have a hearty conversation with your kids about the power of words. Start out by announcing, "As of tomorrow, there will be no more math taught in this room."
I guarantee you that your kids will sit up and pay attention. You'll begin to get questions at a fast and furious pace. Word play should never end, but sooner or later you'll need to tell the truth and get to the real reason for your announcement. Then quickly switch gears.

Invite your kids join in on the fun. Ask them to write or say one sentence that would make everyone in the class stop and listen. Encourage your kids to revel in the power of words. Wallow with them in the joy of language. Please share some of the sentences your kids come up with. My guess is that they will be quite creative.


Red said...

if u want to stop a conversation, just start laughing hysterically. Everyone will stop talking to look around and see what your laughing at!

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

"I just farted" is a guaranteed attention getter but I generally wouldn't use that one unless I really had farted. Otherwise, I might say "I've got a new hobby". This always makes people roll their eyes and ask what I'm getting myself into now.

Suzanne said...

'There's someone in the garden, watching me.' (A bit random, but it worked in a film I saw once.)