Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paint With Words in Honor of My Horse Show

It's been a busy week. Saturday is my first horse show of the season and since I'm not as young as I used to be, I prepare all week.

No excuses though. I didn't want to let a Wednesday pass without posting a writing exercise. I thought the easy thing to do would be to paint with words again.

If you've been writing with me for awhile, you know that telling sentences are boring. They don't paint a picture for our minds eye. For example: "She was sick," doesn't tell us much.
"Her throat was on fire and she shivered and shook," paints a picture. This poor girl probably has strep throat or at the very least is contagious and should be home.

Here's another example: "He skated past," tells us that someone is skating, but it doesn't paint a picture. "His body glided over the ice in effortless twirls and spins," paints a picture of someone who is ice skating...not roller skating. See what I mean?

So, in honor of my horse week (I'll be traveling out of town), paint a picture for me. Here's the sentence I'd like you to turn into a work of art for my mind's eye: "She rode her horse."

Go for the gusto. Paint a picture that will stick with me. Paint one that makes an impression that I'll want to share. You can do it and so can your kids. Have fun at my expense!


Sandy said...

She road her horse
Dressed all in her finery from head to toe, she pranced about with pride as her horse impressed the out of town judges.

Only had one cup of coffee, so can't expect to much. Lots of luck. Look forward to your stories on your return.


My Little Nest said...

She rode her horse

As she galloped around the stadium, her pink saddle and beautiful horse caused the crowd to cheer.

By Alyssa, age 8, and her Mom.

Do you have suggestions for teaching writing to my kids? I homeschool and have been looking for something for my 4th and 6th graders.

Empowerment for All said...

She rode her horse on the smooth white sandy beach. Her long red hair lifting off her shoulders, like a flag waving in the warm summer breeze. The waves gently rolling to shore caressed the legs of the horse before they came to rest on the warm sand.

Glue Girl said...

Perfectly turned out in an impeccable riding habit, the auburn-haired woman and her horse strutted around the track looking as though they had jumped the channel and trotted in from Ascot.

Ern said...

She road her horse
She road her horse immersed so in her own thoughts she missed the tree limbs that were scratching her arms and legs, she missed the noise of the horse trying to tell her...stop you blind fool.

Good luck, and remember...don't look down

bobbie said...
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bobbie said...

"She rode her horse."

She heard the hissing of the sand and felt the quick-step beat of one, two, three, as she and her horse waltzed around the arena.

Sandy said...

She road her horse

She road her well manicured horse carefully around the ring under the watchful eye of the judges and ended up winning a 2nd and 4th place.

my way of doing a little update. Just talked to Jan on her way home from day one at the show.


Glue Girl said...

How did that first show go? I hope the two you knocked them dead! I'm feeling well, BTW. Did you visit craftastrophe?

Tatersmama said...

She rode her horse like a gentle breeze blows across the prairie grass.

Anonymous said...

They moved as one, the woman & her horse, as her wishes were wordlessly communicated through her hands and body.