Sunday, May 24, 2009

Use Your Senses for This Memorial Week

Since we just celebrated the Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remember someone who was or is special to us. A great way to do this is by using our senses to paint a lovely memory.

The thing I remember most about my Grandma Jones is that she always smelled like roses. I could never decide if it was because of the beautiful rose garden that took up a major portion of her backyard or if it was a fragrance that she actually put on every morning. In any case, my grandma smelled like a rose. I loved to curl up beside her in the big comfy chair in the living room and sip on green tea. Yep, my grandma had me drinking green tea long before it was fashionable!

Now it's your turn to write.

Writers: You can write about someone living or long gone. It's up to you. Just finish this sentence:

The thing I remember most about_______ is or was ______________________

Teachers and Parents: This is a great opportunity to talk about lots of different people, places, or things with your kids. Encourage them to remember by using any of their senses. Ask questions like: What did Fluffy's fur remind you of? or What does Aunt Em's house smell like?
You join in because without your input, any writing exercise becomes less important. Your joy and excitement make kids want to talk....and write!


Lorielle said...

This is an awesome exercise! I think I would like to give it a try. Very nice!

Latte Lady said...

Oooooh, I like this one. I'm going to have to fill in the blanks later because I need a nap before evening church!

Thank you for what you said on my blog. Yes, you may.

Jan, you are so sweet. I say that to my husband every time I read your stuff!

We're on our way home...

Suzanne said...

I had a Grandma Jones who smelt of roses. Your passage really took me back.


Latte Lady said...

The thing I remember most about my Aunt Bessie was her curly hair and stinky parfume! She really was a sweet, Christian lady. Oh yah, and I remember her cute little "Miss Piggy" feet! I'll never forget the way that they looked stuffed into her high heels.

Hope your day was a blessing!

Sandy said...

My grandmother didn't smell like roses, though she had a very nice rose garden, I can't remember her smelling of anything in particular.

The thing I remember most about my grandmother was she never wore slacks, and always had her hose twisted like anklets if she was being casual or if she was not...because a lady never had totally bare legs.


Anonymous said...

Cool memories