Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finish It!

Many people think that writing for children is easy. It is and it isn't. When you are writing for children who are learning to read, less is more. With that being said, I told you I was going to write a story for you to end. What I didn't tell you was that you need to end it in five sentences or less.

My story was inspired when I recently traveled to the zoo...the animals gave me ideas galore.


I looked once and then twice. "I think that tortoise is dead," I said to Sandy and Julie.

The girls looked at me as though I'd lost my mind. "Okay and you're going to prove it how?" Julie chuckled.

I looked around for a zookeeper. No one was in sight.

"Don't even think about it," Sandy said as I began to step over the low fence.

"Tortoises aren't the least bit dangerous," I told Sandy. "Don't worry!"

I glanced around the tortoise's lush habitat as I walked closer and closer to the gigantic creature.

"How can you tell if a tortoise has a pulse?" Julie asked.

Julie was having a good time with this for sure.
"I'll let you know in a minute," I said.

I bent over and began to lift the tortoise's head out of his dish and........

Writers: Go ahead and finish the story. An easy way to do this is to write the first thing that came to your mind when you read my last sentence. No more than five sentences will be plenty to give my story an ending. It needs one! Give it a try.
Parents: Make sure to let your kids know this story is FICTION and that no one really climbs a fence at the zoo..... then, LET YOUR KIDS FINISH THE STORY! Playful fun writing activities leads to amazing creativity!

The next time you go to the zoo, encourage your kids to do some journal writing or make up their own creative story. Wallow in the love of language and the joy of writing!


Rebecca said...

Hi love this blog, keep it up!

I'll be linking it to mine. Excellent blog...
BTW the tortiose will run you over, porvived it isn't dead or sleeping, they are belive it or not pretty fast.

Ali said...

I bent over and began to lift the tourtise's head out of his dish and........I put my two fingers on its neck. I felt a pulse. "That is how you know if it has a pulse or not, Julie!" I climbed out and said, "Well Julie, today you learned something new!"


Latte Lady said...

and... said, "Mr. Tortise, give me a smooch!" The tortise looked up at me with big eyes and started to move about. I said, "Jules, that's how you find out if a tortise has a pulse!"

Ryan said...

the Tourtise looks up and says " havnt you heard let sleeping turtles sleep", "now that you woke me Jules... get me a icy beverage"

Ryan said...

This is a outstanding blog, great for all ages. What a great resource!!!!

Sandy said...

AND...the zookeeper came running from around the corner......"Lady, Lady, you can't come in here". Please mam step back across, when out of nowhere a screem is heard. A gutwrenching screem, "quick lady run!". Zookeeper runs way, Jan runs another, Julie's turns to Sandy and says..."only my sister!".

After this, Sandy took off a dead run; the zookeeper wanted to confiscate the film. After all, the film held the proof.

Now everyone sing along, "Where in the world is Sandy from Ohio". lol

I'm thrilled the picture turned out so well.

Sandy said...

psssssssssss did you notice the picture is clickable?

Tatersmama said...

I bent over and began to lift the tortoise's head out of his dish and........
then I noticed that he was slowly chewing on a delicious leaf!
munch... munch... munch... (very slowly, as tortoises do)

Jules, guess what! I won't have to give Mr Tortoise mouth to mouth, after all!

Suzanne said...

I'll have my daughter look at this when she comes home from school.

Lesley said...

What a wonderful blog! I will recommend it to a friend who home-schools. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Ern said...

Next time you go to the zoo better make sure someone has bail money to get your girls out. lol

Bent over to lift the head out of the dish....but couldn't as I no longer had a hand or arm to do so.

Heather said...

... The tortise lifted his head and said, "Lady, can't an old turtle like me enjoy a little lunch without anyone poking and prodding me? You and your sister will be laughing about this for a long time."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! LOL! I love what Ern said! I was thinking of writing something like that, but Ern did it already. Love your blog. It's so creative and inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Cool picture, I've never been that close to such a big turtle...asleep or awake. lol