Monday, June 1, 2009

Writer's Block...

I know I should be posting something creative for us to work on together, but frankly, I have writer's block.

My little dog, Kelly, died yesterday and I'm feeling emotionally drained and sad. If you'd like to read about him, please go to my Animal Talk blog at

If you'd like to cheer me up a little, please tell me about animals that have made a difference in your life. I've already heard from Latte Lady on my other blog. If you haven't visited her blog, you should....especially if you home school your children. She has ideas galore.

I've gotten off track here. My thoughts are jumbled up right now...see, I told you, everyone gets writer's block from time to time.

On that note, paint a picture for me. Show me your animals through the words you write. I know most of you have or have had an animal in your life that was special...just like my scrappy little Kelly.


Rae said...

My Piper, a yellow Lab, is a life loving fool. Goofy and fun rolled into one package. He is a Marley clone, who doesn't realize the world is not all about him.

He frustrates me one moment, as he tracks muddy foot prints across my floor, then comforts me with big soppy brown eyes staring at me and a cold nose poking under my arm, when I need a friendly lift.

I can't imagine life without him in it, nor do I want to.

Latte Lady said...

Jazmine, the Boxer dog was quite a protective mommy. At least she thought she was our mommy. When the post man came to our house the mail box was on the house she would pounce onto the glass to "get him". The glass would flex and anyone who was standing there was scared out of their wits.

We decided to let Jaz have puppies so we took her to her to the "stud". She conceived and come to find out, her due date was the same as mine!

Our due date came and went. A couple of days after our due date, we both went into labor at the exact same time, 3:00 AM. We weren't sure how this scenario would play out!

I was rushed to the hospital and we called a neighbor to come sit with her. Jaz started having puppies and did an excellent job! She did everything that her Creator designed her to do.

As I was going through labor, the doctors and nurses would come in and ask about the dog and how many puppies do we have now? Jaz pushed out 6 before I could birth 1.

Jazmine was a good mommy!

Annie Wicking said...

I'm so sorry to hear your news, Jan. My prayers are with you. I know how close some people can be to their pets.

best wishes & (((((Hugs))))

Suzanne said...

Oh Jan, I'm so sorry. Losing a much loved pet is always hard.

Sandy said...

You'll have to do something like I'm doing for my memories of Mom, type something up you can keep and share with the kids.

Put up the E memories yesterday, hop over when you can.


stlbanjo said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to post a comment. Deep condolences on your loss.

I will be writing more creative material once the school year ends. Right now I am hip deep or more in narrative reports.


An Enchanted Cottage said...

Jan, thank you for visiting me. I am so, so sorry about your fur baby... I am heading over to your other blog right now to read more. I have felt the pain that you are going through right now several times in the past year and a half, and I am hurting for you right now. Trust that time is a great healer though, and your pain will be replaced by happy, wonderful memories... Thinking of you, Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

MzzLily said...

Nekoda's mane falls long and shaggy with a wavy patch dead center. Were her locks straight they might not braid themselves into a woven rug for me to leave my nails in everytime she decides to roll in the manuer. Despite the tangles and the musky odor, there is nothing more soothing than to bury my face into her neck and breathe in her scent.

In case you're wondering what brought me here...Rae sent me. Glad she did.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hi Jan, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I am so sorry to hear about Kelly. The death of a pet is one of the hardest ones in my opinion. They give us so much and there is never a single bad memory of them. They always love you unconditionally.
I'm sure she is at a good place now.

Glue Girl said...

Jan, I know time will take care of the greatest share of the pain, but the happy memories will sustain you - as you already know. But maybe this story will make you laugh at its - and my absurdity. About nine years ago, I had a cat (SHE has a story too!) have kittens in my bed, and I ended up keeping all five of the kittens. One kitten, from the time he was born, was just amazingly bright and active. He looked exactly like his mother, a black and white tuxedo, and we named him Shamu. We handled that kitten most often just because he was so active. Long before his eyes were open we would hold him and stroke him and just make over him like crazy. He became "my" cat. He was so loving and sweet, and he would sit next to me on the couch or in a chair and sit straight up on his bottom. he would come instantly to his name and if he was outside, the minute I called, he was by my side. I have had a lot of cats, but he was, by far, the most devoted and loving. Well, about two weeks before Christmas, when he was six months old, I had let him outside in the late afternoon. After supper, as it was starting to get dark, I decided I'd better call him in, so I did. As I said, he always came instantly. Well, this time, he didn't come right away. I sat down on the couch and thought I'd wait a minute and call him again. Right after I sat down, I head a car door open out front by the mailbox. I thought it was a little funny at the time, but it took a few minutes to sink in that it was more than strange, so I got my coat and went out to investigate. Well, Shamu HAD come when I called, and he had gotten hit and killed when he was coming to me. The car door I heard was whoever hit him moving him off the road. He was dead when I went out to get him, of course, and my husband and I were devastated. I cried and cried and blubbered about how I got him killed. Well, Richard comforted me best as he could and took Shamu's body from me saying he would take care of him for me tomorrow. Richard put him on the back porch. The next morning, I got up and checked the back porch to take a ook at Shamu, but he was gone. I knew Richard hadn't had time to bury him before going to work, so I looked in the garage, and I still couldn't find him. It just happened to be garbage day, but I just knew my husband wouldn't have put Shamu out with the garbage, but being sho I am, I checked the garbage setting out by the road as I pulled out of the driveway to go to school. Yes, my dear husband had put my beloved cat's body IN THE GARBAGE! Well, that wasn't going to happen, so I put the bag with Shamu in the trunk of my car and headed off to school. After school, I came home, changed my clothes to work clothes and went out behind the chicken house with a shovel to dig Shamu's grave. I was very calm - not angry- at Richard because I think hw just wanted to avoid an emotional time for me. At least that was what I thought then. Looking back now, I'm having second thoughts . . . Anyway, I didn't say anything to Richard, and remember, as far as he knew, the body went with the trash. So, pretty soon here comes our old dog looking for me, and following her, Richard. He comes out and asks me what I'm doing. I said, "I'm burying Shamu." So he takes the shovel from me, and I go get my favorite T-shirt and Shamu's body and when I came back, Richard is crying like a baby and saying, "Everytime we get an animal I really like it gets killed." Well, I wrapped Shamu in my favorite T-shirt and buried him properly, like he deserved. So that's the story of the day I carried a body around in my trunk all day!

Glue Girl said...

Post Script to the above story: Later, on the evening Shamu was killed, Shamu's brother, Black Jack, got up on the couch next to me, sat on his bottom like Shamu, and scooted as close up to me as he could get. He leaned his entire body over next to me, and stayed that way forever, looking up at my face. I remember talking to him and telling him I knew he was going to be my best boy. And he is right up to this day!

troutbirder said...

A little story about the pup and me

Rose Bruno Bailey said...

I love animals so much, and I remember my first cat I had from the age of 12 to 28. His name was Dewey and he really was my little black anchor. My love for animals is the reason I have returned to vegetarianism.I would do anything to aid an animal in need, but I also feel that way about humans. This is who I have been since birth. Tomorrow back in Cleveland Ohio, the last of my family cats is being put down due to cancer, he has been declining and my family has decided to make that choice. I am saddened by this news, it is the end of an era. I decided to share a poem I wrote about my first pet Dewey the cat,whom I will never forget.
So sorry for the loss of your beloved pet and family member.


Midnight warmth,
memory of my childhood;
long gone from my world.
yet never forgotten.

Always near to me,
shadow of my steps;
your roaring signature,
healed my myopic soul.

Your presence was sheer heaven,
during undesirable days of hell;
frightened at what was to be,
you were my diminutive anchor.

Now all that remains,
is a collection of old photographs;
my reminiscence of your very existence,
to remind my mind to never forget.

Midnight warmth,
seems like a dream to me;
memory of my childhood,
memoir of my heart.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey