Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lists - Quick and Easy -Smile!

I visited Suzanne's blog yesterday and she listed five things that made her happy last week. Her words made me think. I'm big on lists. I think they get creativity flowing. They're quick. They're easy. They can be saved and used for future writing projects.

So this week will be our list week! For starters, list five things that will make you smile this week. Here's my list:

1. my kids, husband, sister or all (I combined them...couldn't help it)
2. my animals
3. a phone call
4. my friends
5. blogging with you!

What will make you smile this week? List five things! Please share.
Have fun thinking and writing. Remember that writing starts in your mind and heart. I'm smiling already!


Anonymous said...

I like your list of things tha make you happy:) I think that is a good thing for everyone to do... :) I can most definitely do a piece with a horse... If you chose your favorite necklace I will change the pendant to a horse:).. Let me know! Have a wonderful night! I have seen some great horse pendants lately:)

2cats said...

Five things that will make me happy this week:

1. Cooler weather (Praying for)

2. Visit with son

3. Finishing embroidery project

4. Watching baby kitties play

5. Sleeping for more than two hours at a time

AL said...

Five things:

1. Eating dinner with the whole family last night.

2. My dog Coffee.

3. Took photos of a beautiful bengal stray cat.

4. Sun showed for the whole day enough to dry all the laundry.

5. Being alive, alert and enthusiastic...for the whole week!

T said...

My list:

1. My Husband

2. My animals

3. An Email from a special friend

4. Good news from a doctors appt.

5. Rehabilitating an abused cat.(hoping I'm successful)

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

It's me Tweedles.
Here is my list.
1. Red Cup Day (mom is home 2 extra days)
2. Only 2 baths this week
3. Stretchning out in the sun.
4. Going for a nice long walk
5. Smelling the fresh mountain air

Sandy said...

1. Not being awakened by the barking dogs across the street
2. Getting the mulching done
3. Dinner tonight with Daddy
4. Daughter coming to town for a visit
5. Hubby grilling the dinner tonight

Latte Lady said...

I L-O-V-E lists!

1. Talking with an old friend
2. Watching Double Espresso and his dad do funny dance moves
3. Blessing others
4. Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
5. Getting an unexpected blessing

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

* Honey from my very own bee hives
* Flowers blooming in the garden
* Sunshine (we've had so much rain)
* Getting my book published
* Spending time with my niece and nephew (sleep overs - but we call them 'over parties' because there isn't much sleep involved)

ocmist said...

1. Knowing Jesus loves me and is blessing me
2. My husband and son
3. My Corgis, Sadie, and the horses
4. Finishing my Proverbs blog AND my Corgi blog
5. Finishing an art project

Suzanne said...

Thanks for linking, Jan.

Now I've seen your list I can't help thinking I should have made it 6 things - I missed the one about blogging.