Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Step Outside the Box With Me!

Okay, not many of you got into personifying your pencils. So let's try something else. How about your backyard grill? If you don't have a grill in your backyard, think park or neighbor's barbecue. JUST THINK OF A GRILL!

The whole point of this exercise is to allow you to have fun with creativity. The more comfortable you get with this, the easier it gets. Honestly, you'll begin to think in the same way that you write. Nothing will seem the same anymore. The world will look different. You'll all make millions on your blogs....okay, maybe I got a little carried away, but didn't it excite you just a little? I DO promise you'll start to have fun writing. You'll experience joy like Tweedles and Sasha. You need to go visit their blogs if you haven't. You will find honest to goodness creativity going on and on and on!

Back to the exercise. If I were my grill, here's what I'd say:

I am Jan's grill. I shudder every time she throws in a match. "Why can't she remember I'm automatic?" I think to myself. Then she remembers. She turns UP the gas. Then she pushes the ignite button. POOF! One day, I 'm going to catch that red hair of hers on fire. Maybe after that she'll slow down and light me right. Hey! Maybe she can actually IGNITE the grill...get it? Ignite!

After I'm fired up, Jan puts on the hamburgers. I could tell her to let them sear for longer, but I know she wouldn't listen. After about five minutes, she gives them a quick flip. Five minutes more go by. Jan takes the hamburgers off and goes inside. Less than two minutes later the back door slams. No more Jan. This time it's Chuck. He puts the hamburgers back on the grill and cooks them until their done. Hmmmm.....maybe Jan's got a mission in mind.....

Now it's your turn. You be your grill. What would your grill say about you? What would your kids say that your grill would say about you? Let yourselves go...this could get interesting!

By the way, I've seen so much creativity around here lately, I'm going to provide links back to your sites from time to time. I hope that's okay with you. If not, please let me know.

*Will you travel to this holiday weekend? My guess is that lots of grills will be fired up for some traditional 4th of July cookouts!


louielee12 said...

I'm going to try this!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I am just a piece of wood. I am not a grill, but I could be. Very carefully my friends and I are hand picked to be a part of the best campfire ever. We need a little help to get started, so let me tell you the story.
We, the little sticks sit in a pile as we sit and watch. Our moment will come soon. But right now, a gathering is going on which includes searching for dried moss, dried twigs ,and some dried grass. We sit all huddled together in our smudge pile, watching gentle hands rub sticks and twine, in a slow ritual motion. Rub, rub, rub the sticks and before long, a little smoke, a little flicker, and then there it is, the flame.
Our time has come, as we are gently stacked around the flickering blaze. It sounds sad to say, however proudly we stand as we start to burn. The final moment is when the hot dogs, and marshmellows are lowered down into the flame. We wait anxiously, as sizzling droplets from the hotdogs fall into our flames. The marshmellows are toasted to perfection. Smiles on faces stare through the smoke, in antisipation of the first bite.
I am the grandest campfire of all.

Rae said...

I am the round black kettle that lives on Rae’s back patio. Today is Friday. I’ve sat here all week watching the back door open and close. Nobody notices me, except for that pesky bird that perches on my handle. I feel lonely and neglected.

Today is Saturday and I woke up to something exciting. That yellow dog is noticing too. Look at his tail wagging and that mouth drooling. He is staring at me. That’s a good sign. I must be going into action. Here come the hot dogs and those burgers. Listen to everyone talk about me “it just tastes better coming off that grill, sure glad we got it.” Oh how they love me. I feel so happy.

chicamom85 said...

I remember when I would help make hot and delicious food for my family. Now I just sit here and I feel old. The squirrels crawl on me and you don't want to know what the birds do to me. The man tried to start me but I have nothing left to give. So here I sit, dreaming about the days of old when, the family gathered around me and looked happy as the sun shined and I made good smells all over the place. People would come by and say "oh my that smells good". I am tired and soon a new grill will come. I will try to tell him what he needs to do, but the young ones never listen. I will go to my final resting place among the other old grills and we will remember. Old grills never die, they just lose their flame.


AL said...

I am an old bench standing right next to the grill. I was just an old house post from a demolished house. Until a lady picked me up, dropped me in her pick-up and took me to her house. I just stayed there for months until the lady noticed me and made a bench out of me. I was happy because I was reused, and felt I'm not abandoned. My legs are not even and I am still waiting to be painted, I heard that the lady wanted me to be a blue bench which is fine with me. The lady always sits on me whenever she has something to grill. I have witnessed all the delicious food she had grilled, beef, chicken, corn, potatoes, prawns and if only I have a mouth , I'm sure the lady won't hesitate to feed me. I am always pulled right next to the old table whenever there are strangers around. They said they prefer sitting on me because I matched well with the old table than those elegant ones. They said I looked very classic and sturdy even though I have uneven legs. I wonder what had happened to me if the lady ignored me. Perhaps,if not for her, I was chopped into pieces and turned to be one of those charcoals thrown in the grill . But it didn't turn that way that's why I am so thankful to the lady, for she gave me another chance to prove that I am still worthy.


Jan Mader said...

I knew these were going to be good, but WOW!

Sandy said...

I stand guard next to the wood pile and watch the chimunks,squirrles, and rabbits come and go. I can peak into the kitchen to make sure all is well. I wave back when they peak out at me from the pretty white curtains of the kitchen window. I'm a bit rusty, but thats ok. I get used lots and lots. You'd think they give me a vacation or something. But, no busy busy. Thats how I keep my weight down you know staying so active. I spend winters on the deck snuggled up closer to the house for warmth and am often a part of the dining room table conversations...hehe just the big glass doors separates me from the hubbub in the dining room. To keep my feet warm and dry I have a special mat to spend the winters on; but in the summer I run free without that mat on the side of the house by the woodpile. I'm enviornmentally conscienous and use no electric, no gas. I'm am old school, a charcoal grill. The man takes good care of me and doesn't pour those smelling chemicals on me to start. Three crumbled pieces of newspapers in a special round chimney and we're off and running.

This special weeekend I will really be the center of attentionl. The whole gang will be here, and the man will pull out my older brother to help me feed them. I'll be be cooking marinated chicken, grilled marinated vegetables...It's going to smell soooooooo good.

Happy 4th of July one and all. Be safe in your travels

2cats said...

I am an old grill that they received on their wedding day. I wish they used me more, instead of that new fangled contraption with gas. I mean I fit right over their fire pit, I am adjustable, I swing, and I cook a mean turkey. What more could they want.
They always have a fire anyway so why not just set me over the flames and be done with it? What is wrong with them anyway?
Anyone out there with the answers?

ThomG said...

Jan, I'm the moderator over at Three Word Wednesday, the writing prompt. I invited you to join in, or get the word out. We'd love to have more people play. The URL is:

Suzanne said...

Have a great holiday, Jan.

gaelikaa said...

Well, I live in India and I don't have a grill but I suppose I could pretend to be my tava (that's the pan we make unleavened bread on!) Or the gas cooker maybe. Thanks for the good idea. Enjoy the Independence holiday!

DJan said...

Oh man, when I was young I sure had a smell about me. Would turn ya ta thinkin about barbeque, fur shure. But now I just think about bein old and worn down by the sun, the rain, and wonder where those guys have been these last 30 years or so.

Heard tell from the ol piknik table that everybody's gone digital and they don't leave the house no more. Well, we still got our memories, right ol man? (sigh)

SquirrelQueen said...

Bang! Bang! Bang! ...What the heck? Bang! Hey, lady, will you stop whatever it is you're doing. Bang!

Lady, stop that! I'm not a workbench, get that wood off me! Bang!

I know you need to use a hammer to put the nails in the wood, but.... Bang! you have to do it on me?

Bang! Bang! Ah, come on lady, I'm a grill. That thing you use to cook the steaks and burgers. Bang!

Well could you at least close my lid? Bang!