Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are You Ready for More?

I could play with words all night, but I really shouldn't. This one will be quick and easy. Ask anyone you know to join us. There are no age limits here. We can keep wallowing in the love of language and the joy of writing till the cows come home! Anyone know when that will be?

Here you go! Finish this sentence:

It was as dark as ____________.

Here's my answer: It was as dark as chocolate.

Your turn! Have fun! We're going to have a list of descriptions that we can refer back to over and over again. Just think, when you get ready to write your novel (or your next blog post) you'll have all kinds of descriptions flowing through your mind and onto your paper or computer screen! You'll be painting pictures with your words.


Jan Mader said...

Here's the sentence we need to finish by painting a picture with our words. Have fun! Thinks outside the box!

It was as dark as_____________.

AL said...

It was dark as my hair. (I have black hair)


Jenni said...

It was as dark as a cave on a moonless night.

ocmist said...

It was dark as the inside of a sleeping bag you've pulled tightly over your head because you heard something outside your tent while camping in the mountains!

It was dark as a black velvet blindfold across your eyes.

It was as dark as a stormy, moonless night just after a lightening bolt has struck, sizzled, and disappeared.

ocmist said...

Oh, by the way... I'd gotten several of your exercises behind, but just working through them the past hour or so has been such a blessing! It has brought peacefulness into my heart and mind, and made me feel like when I was fairly young and lived in the wonderful, world of childhood! Thank you so much!

Jan Mader said...

You are so welcome. Writing takes me to other places too...often back to my childhood. Thank you so much for writing with me and us.

My freelance is slow right now, but my writing contiues to flow. It's because I'm not sitting here writing's because I'm writing with you and everyone else.

So...thank you all!

Craig said...

It was as dark as being in the middle of the ocean on a cloudy night with no moon or stars.

or, it was as dark as the bottom of the deep well that swallowed up my pet frog.

or, it was as dark as could be when we entered the high school gym to put up our election posters for class president. Then a flashlight came on and we heard, "Don't move, Police!"

gaelikaa said...

It was as dark as a midnight forest!

Jan Mader said...

You guys are really good!

Dark just isn't dark anymore. Now darkenss has taken on a whole new picture for our mind's eye. One minute I can see a darkness like the kind that was in the bottom of the well that took Craig's poor pet frog. That kind of darkness is more than dark. It is thick and dank.

The next minute I am surrounded by a darkness that is like the forest behind my house at midnight. (Gaelikka) That's a familiar darkness to me. I always imagine nighttime animals out for their prey.

Words take me places. They paint pictures for me. You are all painting pictures with your words...amazing pictures.

If you have time, go back up and read the list. Every single comment describes darkness in a different way. A different picture is painted. Words are awesome! So are you.

2cats said...

It was as dark as a fruit cellar that is built into a hill.

Dr Jenn said...

i am as dark as your best mood!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

It was dark like the starless sky
It was dark like tar

sandy said...

It was as dark as the inside of an aged bottle of wine, empty and alone in the corner of the musty wine cellar.

hey girl, you're wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy behind visiting me, might have to pick up my empty wine bottle and bop you in head

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

It was as dark like the inside of the closet when the door is closed!

Anonymous said...

It was as dark as a shuttered eyelid, screaming in rage against the relentless, white sun.

Anonymous said...

It was as dark as cold espresso.