Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hinky Pinky Game Time!

I asked my librarian friend, Joan if she'd ever played Hink Pink or Hinky Pinky. At first she said, "No!" but after I described the game her memory came back.
"I played that game as a child," she said. "It was one of my favorites!"

Since I'm all about creative writing and creative thinking I decided we should play this word game together. Let me explain.

The object of the game is to come up with rhyming words that are answers to clues given for riddles.
For example: a clever prank = a slick trick.
an evil preacher = a sinister minister
a loyal color = true blue

One syllable answers are hink pinks. Two syllable answers are hinky pinkies. Three syllable answers are hinkety pinketies.

I hope I'm explaining this okay. Below is a list of clues. Chose as many as you want to answer. Ready? Here you go:

1. nervous burglar
2. noisy mob
3. blender repair person
4. one who lives in the basement
5. clever detective
6. clever prank
7. shining sun
8. noisy mod of people
9. master of a sailing ship
10. cook who cannot hear
11. short male sibling
12. sound slumber
13. chubby cat
14. angry father
15. crying father
16. rabbit that tells jokes
17. huge hog
18. lovely cat
19. improved written communication
20. believable food
21. turbulent sauce
Please put the number and the clue beside your answer. Just curious...have you played this game before?


Jan Mader said...

20. believable food = credible edible

YOUR TURN! Let's try to get them all!

If you have other clues, bring them on!!!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I have never heard of this game. Gee not sure we know the "real answers"

1. Nervous burglar= BOOGEY MAN
4. One who lives in the basement= HERMIT
13.Chubby cat=GARFIELD

ANULAL said...

1. nervous burglar:hurry worry
5. clever detective:wit hit
10.cook who cannot hear: deaf chef.
13. chubby cat: fat cat.
14. angry father: hot pop
15. crying father:down john
16. rabbit that tells jokes:funny bunny
17. huge hog:big pig
18. lovely cat:pretty kitty
20. believable food:cool drool
21. turbulent sauce:tongue twister.
thank you...

MiaZagora said...

1. nervous burglar - shook crook?
2. noisy mob - loud crowd
3. blender repair person - mixer fixer
4. one who lives in the basement - cellar dweller
5. clever detective -
6. clever prank - slick trick
7. shining sun - day ray?
8. noisy mod of people - strong throng?
9. master of a sailing ship - clipper skipper
10. cook who cannot hear - deaf chef
11. short male sibling - wee he?
12. sound slumber - deep sleep, rapt nap?
13. chubby cat - flabby tabby
14. angry father - mad dad
15. crying father - unhappy pappy?
16. rabbit that tells jokes - funny bunny,
17. huge hog - big pig
18. lovely cat - pretty kitty
19. improved written communication - better letter
20. believable food - credible edible
21. turbulent sauce - wavy gravy

MiaZagora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MiaZagora said...

Oh, and is #5 - Top Cop?

MiaZagora said...

I have some hinky pinkies:

22. Footwear paste -
23. Library thief -
24. Where vehicles practice ballet -
25. Rosey lizard -

MiaZagora said...

Okay, once more and I'll leave you alone - and go to bed! ;)

I would like to change my answer to #11 to - low bro!


gaelikaa said...

#10. Deaf chef
#12. Deep sleep
#14. Mad dad
#15. Sad dad
#16. Fun bun
#17. Big pit
#18. Pretty kitty
#19. Better letter

DJan said...

This is fun. I never played it before. Everyone got the ones I could make out already!! I did think #3 could be blender mender but I like mixer fixer better!

Terri said...

1. nervous burglar...shook Crook
2. noisy mob...loud crowd
3. blender repair person..mixer fixer
4. one who lives in the basement...cellar dwellar
5. clever detective...slick dick
6. clever prank....slick trick
7. shining sun...bright light
8. noisy mod of this like #2
9. master of a sailing ship...skipper clipper
10. cook who cannot hear...deaf chef
11. short male sibling...low bro.
12. sound slumber...deep sleep
13. chubby cat..fat cat
14. angry father...mad dad
15. crying father...sappy pappy
16. rabbit that tells jokes...funny bunny
17. huge hog...big pig
18. lovely cat...pretty kitty
19. improved written communication...better letter
20. believable food...real meal
21. turbulent sauce...unruley gruely

Jan Mader said...

Wow...I'm so impressed!

Here are two more I thought of while I was in my car. I wrote them down at a traffic light!

mellow youngster = mild child
playground for dogs = bark park

Jan Mader said...

Okay Mia...I'm going to try yours!

22. Footwear paste - shoe glue
23. Library thief - book crook
24. Where vehicles practice ballet - ?
25. Rosey lizard - ?

I know I should KNOW 24. and 25. but I'm drawing a blank...ANYONE?

MiaZagora said...

24. Where vehicles practice ballet - car barre

25. Rosey lizard - pink skink

2cats said...

I am so impressed. My brain turned to mush at these.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This was FUN FUN FUN- even if I could not catch on (tee hee hee)

Jan Mader said...

They're hard at first and then your brain won't stop!

Here's another one I thought of

equine obstacle competiton - horse course

And Mia...I should have at least gotten the pink skink one!

Sandy said...

wow, never heard of this game before; never played it, and am no good at it. I couldn't think of any until I saw other's answers and even them some didn't hit in my brain.

love this one,playground for dogs =bark park

in fact, wish we had such a thing, perhaps then those that wake me up well before the night is over would go there and bark to their hearts content instead of waking us before the light of day.

Jan Mader said...

Just thought of another one at this late hour

ill female - sick chick!

Jan Mader said...

And another....

seat for a rabbit - hare chair

ocmist said...

Chess Piece cubby - Rook Nook
Frozen rodents - Ice Mice
Croaking pup - Frog Dog

Carissa Peck said...

I totally learned that these are ink pinks but the premise is exactly the same. I use them a lot for studying vocab words and reviewing their meanings. It gets really dynamic when students can make their own! Glad to see other people love them too!

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