Friday, January 8, 2010

Imagine That!

Writing activities that spur the imagination are not just for kids. I'm a firm believer that if you can't write short pieces with creativity and delight, you probably won't be able to write longer pieces very easily either!

Since this blog is all about the joy of words, the love of language, and inspiring each other by stretching our thinking, let's use a writing prompt today!

Here's the prompt for you to complete either humorously or seriously:

If I had a twin........

Have fun with this one! I wonder how many evil twins there are out there?


Kathleen E. Jones said...

If I had a twin....I can hardly imagine someone with the exact DNA, that looks just like me and has the same interests that I do. I would like to think that I would put her in my place to experience all the unpleasantries that life sometimes gives us...but somehow that is not in my nature. I would cherish her as I do my sisters and try to protect her and help her in any way I can...If she was my evil twin self then I would probably allow her to experience the consequences that being evil SHOULD bring. I would give her all the cleaning I never do...and mounds of dirty laundry...and scrubbing the toilets...I would use her to replace me in those areas. More like a "replica" than a real person...somehow for me it is easier to imagine her more as a clone than a sister!

Kat said...

there would be one more very boring person on this earth!!

Stubby said...

If I had a twin, I would like my twin to be a girl. We would be fraternal twins so we wouldn't look alike. I've always wanted a sister and my twin would fulfill that wish.

My twin and I would share a birthday, parents, and adventures. We would not look alike at all so people wouldn't even know we were twins.

Stubby xoxo

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well, SHE would be the skinny one, and the one with a much better vocabulary!
I've always wanted a sister. Now, as I get older, I see what sister relationships are like, and how rewarding they are for aging women. It's a built in buddy to go places with, it seems. What a heartbreak if you didn't get along...such a loss.
I have a sister in law, of forty two years now, whom I consider a sister. And, I have another sister in law, that I have no contact with. If our paths cross once a year, we are all smiles and politeness for the sake of my ninety three old mother, only!

Kas said...

If I had a twin, well she would be the one teaching and I would be pursuing my life purpose every minute I could.
We could share clothes and have so many cool pairs of shoes.

2cats said...

If I had a twin SHE would be the serious one, I would be the trickster. But , she would take the blame when I got caught doing tricks.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

If there was two,,,, if only,,,,
If you looked at us,
do you wonder who you'd see?
Was that shadow
you thought you saw
flit here,
and flit there
really a shadow
or is it her,,,,
or is it me?
Do you see her sparkly little eye,
or so you see the mischevious one, me?
We both have button noses
Who is who?
The two of us
ya know,
make double trouble
and double fun
and if there was two
it would be double love
that's how it would be,
and I would be so happy
to share her with you.

DJan said...

If I had an identical twin, we would both be vying for the spotlight as extreme extroverts, and that could end up being dangerous! I love my four sisters and see they are very different from me, so if I had a regular non-identical twin, we would get along just fine. I don't even know what an evil twin is!

Faith said...

If I had a twin. If identical, we would look alike, but would we be
alike? If I had a twin, which was fraternal, we would not look alike but similar, and be of different genders. Would we be like minded then? I think if I had a twin, we would be just as different than any two other siblings, each with our own personality and character traits. If I had a twin, I think she would be the world travler and seeker of knowledge, the doer of intersting things, the one with vast amounts of intelligence and wordly experiences. And when she arrives back home, she can still be my sister, someone to crochet,and do crafts with, visit the thrift stores and bake cookies,
the sister I never had.