Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's Pretend!

If you like language like I do (and I know you do!) then your imagination doesn't need much spark to get ignited. Remember, word play is not just for children and neither is pretending!

Close your eyes for a second. Pretend that a thunderstorm has just passed by your window. Think about how it might sound, smell, feel, taste, and look.

Now, using these three things, a frightened animal, a fireman, and a small audience, paint with your words to write a sentence or two (or more if you like) with that thunderstorm in mind.

I'll go first!

A clap of thunder sent the almost washed-away duckling back into the sewer. I shouted to my sons for help. "I can't get the grill off this sewer," I said. This duck is going to die!" Before running outside, my youngest son dialed 911. It didn't take long for a firetruck to come screaming into our neighborhood. In only seconds, the fireman had the grill off the sewer and the duckling out. The small audience that had gathered behind us clapped and cheered. It was indeed a good day for duck...lings!

Okay, fiction for sure, but two minutes to write. I used more than two sentences but you don't need fact later on, I'll come back in the comment section and do the activity with fewer sentences. For now, It's your turn!


DJan said...

The spooked squirrel ran right up the fireman's back in his desire to get away from the three of us.

Carolyn said...

It's not everyday one has to call out the fire brigade to rescue a terrified cat stuck in a cat flap! Therefore it was hardly surprising that the extraction was carried out in full view of a couple of neighbours and several passing cats who stopped to enjoy the show and snigger a bit ;>)

Jan Mader said... guys are awesome! I can't wait to read more!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The out of control thunderstorm was not CREEPING towards me any longer.
Now its pace had quickened into a fierce race with time.
I stared out the windows, at the audience of birds sitting in the trees.
They started flying, and scrambling to and fro, like a pack of frightened animals.
The ROAR of the thunder was so loud, that I had to cover my ears.
Instinctivly, I reached for the fireman hat that hung my wall.
Now I felt safe.

SquirrelQueen said...

The air in the room was heavy with the smell of ozone from the passing thunderstorm. It had been an especially violent storm and the noise had frightened my poor cat. She was snuggling now in my arms as I stood by the window.

A commotion in the street below had caught my eye. I was not the only observer to the unfolding drama however, a small crowd had gathered near the scene. As I watched, a fireman struggled to remove the rain gorged sewer cover.

It was merely coincidence that my kitty licked her lips just as the fireman raised the rescued duckling for all to see.

Kas said...

frightened animal, a fireman, and a small audience
The frightened animal sat imobile in the gigantic gnarled oak tree as a large hand reached closer towards it and I realised the air was heavy with an impending thunderstorm.
Just then a loud clap of thunder echoed through the night and the lightening that followed illuminated the scene as the fireman held the bundle of mewing fur as the small audience below cheered.

Little Bear Stories said...

The desert thunderstorm roared and poured. A man in a fireman's uniform ran for cover under the only tree in sight. He'd been walking for days and sat down in fatigue.
Suddenly, thundering hooves in the distance, a wild eyed horse running straight towards him in terror. The fireman man began scrabbling at the tree pulling himself up through the branches. The horse reared, lightning struck, the tree, fireman and horse crashed to the ground. The rain poured and the thunder roared.
A small audience, the chorus, stage left, looked on sadly.

Maureen Hume said...

Even though the storm had passed the tent walls snapped like crackers and dampness hazed the air. The off duty fireman squeezed his small daughter's hand. "Don't worry, Honey, we won't let a bit of rain spoil our night out." Just then a clown came running into the arena his painted smile had slid sideways and his round eyes were blurring into indistinct dark holes. A long low growl silenced the whispering crowd. The frightened animal that stalked into the tent lifted his big head, exposing jagged teeth and howled.

Anonymous said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................

Maureen Hume said...

Oops, whispering crowd was supposed to be small audience.

SANDY said...

I gulped for fresh air, the stench burning my nostrils as I cowered like a frightened animal surrounded by the small audience watching as the final flames were doused by the firemen. A voice in my ear kept repeating, "we made it out alive."


Jan Mader said...

It was terrific, fact, they all are!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

wow was that fun or what!
everybodys story had me on the edge of my seat!