Friday, February 19, 2010

Dream On.....

I'm feeling fanciful today and I can't think of a better thing than writing fancifully with friends like you!

Maybe it's been watching the Olympics and feeling that adrenalin rush right along with the athletes. Perhaps it's because the sun is shining and the snow looks like diamonds that dazzle and sparkle in my mind's eye.

Whatever the reason is, my imagination is running wild. That has prompted today's writing activity!

Pretend that right in front of you there is an imaginary door. It opens to whatever your heart desires. This door belongs to you. It can lead anywhere.

What do you see when you open your very own imaginary door?


Audrangelo said...

When I open the door, I see Ancient Egypt. I see pyramids and statues being built, 'peasants' working at stalls, and the beautiful house where the Pharaoh lives.

Faith said...

The door for me, when opened would be a time machine. Once opened it would take me back to a time of civility, manners and grace. Where the differences between men and women stay that that way. Where all the technology we have today (even this computer) had not been invented. A quieter, calmer, more loving world.

Carolyn said...

My door is locked !!

Kas said...

When I open the door I see a paved path leading to a hexagon shaped house. There are ducks and swans on a lake and beautifully fragrant and colourful gardens.
A lyrebird is striding purposefully towards me with a glint in his eye and I know the day is about to be turned on its head.

Jan Mader said...


DJan said...

My door opens downwards and I see that I am in an airplane, getting ready to make a skydive. Puget Sound is in the distance, the ice cream cone of Mt. Rainier, and below me are two miles of sweet freefall. (It's getting close to the season and I'm beginning to dream about it again.)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

When the door opened....
I am not sure if
it was a dream
or was it real
,,,,to find myself
in the midst of
wild horses
thundering hooves

nostrils snorting
and then
eye contact is made
and for that moment
i disappear
into another world
i don't want the door to close

Janie B said...

In my doorway is a man with a briefcase full of cash...thousands of dollars all for me. Yeah, I'm feeling a little broke right now.

Brenda Leyland said...

"Feeling fanciful".... I love that phrase. I've often felt that way but never knew quite how to describe it. It's perfect. I've always just called it my 'pretty world'.

If I opened a door to that other realm, I'd probably step out into a place where I could fly and soar like an eagle, high, high above the troubles of the world.......... and with that 'bird's eye view' I'd catch glimpses of heaven's beauty in the midst of it all.

BTW, this is my fist time to your site. I look forward to coming again.

Happy Writing! Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life.

Sandy said...

Feeling, wish I were. I'm just feeling tired and trying to avoid doing what I need to do.

If I opened a door to a room full of yarn, with a sunroof to let the sun warm my aches and pains, a comfy chair beside a wine cooler in a clean house with no chores to do...I would be thrilled!

Oh, and let me ad a massage table in the corner so my personal massage tech could come to my house.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The sky was full of surprises
when I opened up my door
magic bubbles were everywhere
bubbles came from near and far
pink bubbles
and blue bubbles
and purple bubbles too
magic bubbles were everywhere
they floated
they bounced
they twirled
I closed my eyes
and wished so very hard
and just like when wishes come true
I was twirling
and swirling
and floating
high above
the clouds
it was a splendid bubble day

SquirrelQueen said...

Each time I open the door it is different.
It opens to a new path which leads to discovery. Once I set foot on the path I can experience new images and experiences limited only by my imagination and creativity.