Sunday, February 7, 2010

List Time!

We haven't created a new word list for a few weeks, so I think today would be a good day to continue. Remember, we can use our lists (or refer back to here) as our very own thesaurus. I've used the words that we've come up with more than once!

Images that we create can be as different as night and day. That's why I keep talking about painting with words! Your words may be different from mine but in today's activity they will have one thing in common. They will show joy in all kinds of different ways.

Let's make a list of joyful words!

I'll go first:
Birds singing

Your turn! What words paint a picture of joy for you?


Kas said...

babies gurgling as they play
cats purring as they snuggle
pigs grunting in the mud
elephants rumbling in pleasure
the sun shining
thunder and lightening showing the landscape
steady gentle rain pattering on the roof
hot chocolate with marshmellows
A walk along a deserted beach with the wind blowing softly

sandy said...

joyful words

today has been cancelled due to lack of
work has been cancelled...if only

hugs from darling daughter, whom I think I get to see next wkend?
loving hubby

brfain is tired, can't come up with anything else

hats to warm all the homeless of the world

Tweedles -- that's me said...

puppy kisses

Janie B said...

doggy love
baking chocolate aromas
fluttering eyelashes
neck nuzzling

DJan said...

Eyes smiling across candlelight
A great haircut
A tearful hello
Sunshine after rain
Good friends over tea

Tweedles -- that's me said...


Carolyn said...

new birth

Faith said...

hyacynth and lilac in springtime
capiz wind chimes
the smell of the ocean salt water
the bright yellow of the forcythia
the sound of the surf

TC said...

children laughing
the sound of no snow
the sound of your significant other talking happily
a motor purring (I grew up in a mechanics garage)
I tried to comment before, my new internet is a trip.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

happy corgis yipping
cows mooing
doves cooing
babies saying, "agoo"
husbands saying hi hon
happy birthday
the flicker and snap of a fire
the beep of a volkswagon beetle

2cats said...

A cat's purr
A husband with compliments on dinner.
Wind whistling through the trees on a summer night.

Suzanne Jones said...

Baby giggling

Tweedles -- that's me said...
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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Bubbles landing on my nose!

Denny said...

puppies playfully yapping

Sammy said...

(Sam's Human's Responses:)
The purr of a warm cat on your lap,
The chirping chorus of a million frogs on a summer's night,
The tip-tap-tapping of soft rain on the window pane,
The indulgence of a cherry-chocolate-cordial,
Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies,
The laughing of my cousins at Christmas,
The smell of my Grandma's house,
A warm fire,
Knowing that I am forgiven of my sins,
...I could go on and on!!

Kas said...

there is an award on my blog for you.

E said...

melting snow