Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Curious...

I've had this blog up and running for over a year now and I'm curious about a couple things. Do you write for the sheer pleasure of writing or do you really really want to have your writing published someday.

If you do want to become a published author, what kind of writing interests you? Do you want to write a children's book? Perhaps mystery writing is to your liking. Maybe you even want to write a self-help book. We're all writers. Writers write. I'm just being nosey I guess!

If you're a teacher, do any of the writing activities we do help you in the classroom? I sure hope so! Kids have a natural curiosity and joy and almost any writing activity we do can be modified to meet their needs. Hopefully you wallow in words

I just found out that one of my stories will be published in one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I didn't even remember submitting the story! Submitting stories is so much easier when you can do it online!

Thanks for writing with me. You make it so much more fun!


Carole Anne Carr said...

Well done with your recent achievement! I write because I must, would be nice to have a publisher, instead of being my own, then I could concentrate upon my writing!

Julie P said...

Yes, well done with the Chicken Soup for the Soul publication - you're right, with the Internet it's so easy to submit and forget you've done so!

I write for both reasons really: I want to get published, short stories, novels, articles, But I also write because I have to. I can't not write anymore - it's a part of me just as much as walking and talking is.

Julie xx

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I've always loved writing words on paper.
As a girl, stories were always being written.
One day, dedicated to my grand baby, I'd love to write a children's story about corgis. I'm always buying corgi fiction for her, and looking on Amazon for it.
Congrats on yet another accomplishment Jan!
We so enjoy your blog!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Wow- coolness a story of yours will be published.
That is because you are the "real deal"
Your famous.
I write because I have stuff to say.
I have many words to share.
I write to put smiles in peoples hearts.
Will there ever be a book?
Who knows?
After all, I am just Tweedles

2cats said...

I write because not to would be just too difficult. I went many,many years without writing and missed it so terribly. I didn't know about blogging. I don't like to really journal so this is really such a great way for me to express myself.
I guess every writer would like to be published someday but it is not a must for me. I just like putting thought to computer screen.

Kas said...

Hi Jan well done on the story that you have going into Chicken soup for the soul. Jack Canfield is another amazingly inspiring person to me just like you are.

I myself have this dream of completing three books in a series about rescuing animals. I have almost two books completed.

Finding the impetus to write and continue pursueing my dream of an animal sanctuary seems a challenge at the moment but I know I will climb the hill again.

Hope the New Foundland is having fun!!!

DJan said...

I have no desire to get published in any real fashion, although blogging is definitely "out there" to be read by others. I'll have to get that "Chicken Soup" book, they are so inspiring! Congratulations on that.

sandy said...

Congrats!!! I've never considered writing to be published, in fact I never thought I actually wrote. Blogging seemed different then to me; but lately with the huge amount of time I put into my research when posting on my travel blog it feels different. I want it to be interesting, and accurate. I always feel disappointed when I don't get many comments. So, I guess that means I like to write so others will read it?


I try to post 3 or more times a week to each of my 3 blogs, so I guess I write alot; but never thought about why much??? hum

Kat said...

Congratulations on the publishing. I write because I like to write. Not so much to be published. Not that good!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

PS I forgot to tell you something. I know teachers who look at your bloggy and they get inspirational ideas for their classroom.

You help people think

Carolyn said...

Very well done Jan. I know of the Chicken Soup books; and to think you forgot you submitted!! :>

I haven't tried to publish, it's not very easy turning a blog into a book that people will actually buy and read! I started blogging for myself alone, but why put it on the internet, if that's the case? I guess really I would like folk to read and enjoy it! My interest is in humourous writing, something that will cause chuckles :>}

The Cubs Cuties said...

I very much would LOVE to be a children's author. I actually have written a few books and just do not know what do to with them... I follow your blog and truly enjoy it. What I enjoy your enthusiasm and passion for writing... It just kinda flows for me...I keep my blog cause I enjoy it...but also cause my grandma loves to read up on her grandkiddos!! :) I would love to meet you and have you help me learn the next steps to publishing... I have the 2008 (or maybe it was 2009) writer's guide to publishing... Maybe you can help me! :) Thanks for what you do! Have a blessed Sunday and week!!

Jarmara Falconer said...

I have been writing a blog for some time now, though, not this same blog. I write because I have a strong need to write. To prove mainly to myself that anything is possible, if you believe in yourself. They were some on internet who hounded me, and said I would never see my work in print unless I was will to do things the way they told me, well, I've proved them wrong and stuck to myself belief. I believe, it is better to have tried and fail than to have never tried at all.

NealVassall水慧 said...


Jean said...

I write because I enjoy it and because I believe I have something to say.

Yes, I aim for publication. I've had mild success with mags and anthologies such as /Chicken Soup/.

I write picture books and working on an inspirational YA.


Denise Dilley said...

Writing seems to have always been a part of my life, much like reading. Most of my writing is in the form of journaling, so blogging is much of the same. But, I've always felt like I have a story to tell...just not sure how to tell it, if that makes sense?! I have always wanted to write a fiction book based on my experience as a missionary.