Monday, August 30, 2010

Ode to My Dogs

Even when I'm sleeping
They're never far away
Maddie, Annabelle and Sammy
Would rather be with me than play
For each dog there's a story
But I'll tell you only two...
Let me start with Belle Belle
and her story sad but true.
Belle's owner went to prison
for acts to sick to share
and when she came to my house
Belle would hide, and shake, and stare.
Don't look at her or touch her
I told everyone who came
She a very frightened puppy
and I know just who to blame.
The other dogs took care of Belle
They made her part of their pack
and even though she hid from people
from the dogs she found the confidence she lacked.
After many months of calm
And people waiting for Annabelle
My little rescued doggy
forgot her life from hell.
Then came Sam so big and strong
He knew no boundaries
At only 18-months of age
The dog could swing from trees
His life had been a sad one
though he suffered no physical pain
Neglect had left him hungry
and with lots of weight to gain.
We need to keep him I told my husband
He needs to have our love
And then came news of my surgery
And keeping Sam fit like a glove
I'll use him to push off of
I told Chuck earnestly.
And he will make me happy
through my long recovery
Guess you could say I MILKED IT
and for sure I got a lot
One-hundred-twenty pounds of Newf
and a back with a tender spot!!
Okay, poetry isn't my claim to fame, but I had fun writing this! Thanks for all your thoughts, words and prayers. I'm doing well, just moving slow. I have two rods, two plates, numerous screws, and 39 staples. All things considered, I'm a happy camper. Love. Jan


soggibottom said...

Jan, at least now all you have to do is heal, and it takes time... I thougth of saying something smart like..... only 39 staples, but nothing is funny or if it is it hurts to laugh.
Just get well soon and so pleased to see you have the right healing power Right by your side.
lots of love x x x

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Lordy, that poem made me cry!
You've still got it kid!
The dogs will keep you company and entertain you while you rest and heal.

sandy said...

Sweet, glad you felt good enough to make a post, I've been keeping people updated over on The Suitcase.
Take it easy

DJan said...

Glad you're back, and I'm also glad you felt well enough to write some poetry! Fun stuff, Jan.

Parsley said...

Love the poem. I understand why you rescued your poor Newfie. Since we just rescued a stray with abuse issues...I really understand.

Get well soon!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My Happy Clown!!!!!!!
You make my heart sing,,,,,
your spirit is strong......
and with all that love beside you,,,,, you will just keep getting better.
Your tribute poem for your precious Mad Mad, Annabelle and Sammy was soooo beautiful. Your heart spoke and we could feel your words.
Yes, poetry - story telling- is your gift to us.
Your poem touched our hearts, and we are the lucky ones to know you.
Thank you for taking this big step in showing all of us- (who care so much about you-) that you are ok.
Nestle in,,, feel our love and get strong.

Kat said...

Well, I loved your Ode!! I have some similar stories of dog owners from hell. Get well soon.

Kathy said...


You are truly an inspiration.
Get well soon!


chicamom85 said...

I hope you are doing better, I am praying for you and look forward to future writing games.

Anne and Sasha

Anonymous said...

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