Thursday, October 4, 2012


I was looking around at some very cool blogs the other night and found one that was so much fun.  Why?  Because everything was in rhyme!   You've got to go see!

To me rhyming is playing with words at it's finest.  At rhymetime,  people just comment in rhyme.  That seems simple enough so here you go:

The dishes are sitting
 in my kitchen sink
and I'm up here blogging
so what do you think?

Should I become slave
to the dishes at hand
or should I keep on blogging
just because that I can!

Please leave me a comment
and put it in rhyme
we'll try it tonight
and again down the line!

PS  Comments can be as short as two words!


sherrie said...

keep blogging, do dishes in the morning!

Brian Miller said...

pat is the cat with the most and ever a gracious host, he like the rhyme when his comment box you chime good thing neither is a

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh oh
where did my words go
oh oh

The Cat From Hell said...

Love the rhymes!

chicamom85 said...

There are spooks
in my yard

I keep on
my guard

The ghosts all in white
can cause quite a fright

When sun come up and shines on my feet.
I see in my yard a lonely white sheet.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think...
Leave dishes in sink!

DJan said...

Finding a rhyme
Can take a bit of time
But giving you kudos
Is better than noodles!


Pat Hatt said...

Leave the dishes alone
And pick up the phone
Call in a maid
So the dishes will fade
Then on blogger you can stay
With such a rhyming display

CATachresis said...

These comments are great
but one thing I hate
is having to rhyme
when I've run out of time!


Katnip Lounge said...


ayala said...

Fun :) leave the dishes in the sink :)

Jan Mader said...

Wow...these are awesome
Oh...I need to rhyme
So these are pawsome!

Marjie said...

Someone else will wash dishes?

Oh, how I wishes!

Jan Mader said...

I like your wishes
For me no dishes!

Julie P said...

I had to come along today,
this blog looks so appealing.

Now I want to read and play,
not soon will I be leaving?

That's just silly! I'm so sorry,
I'm quite chilly, not to worry.

Oh dear me, I can't stop,
Rhyme after ryhmn I just drop!

Somebody stop me, before it's too late,

I can't break free, from this rhyming fate!

Oh, what have you started, Jan?!

Dave King said...

You test my powers to the limit,
your poem is fine -- exquisite!

troutbirder said...

Looking at the sunshine is definitely my funtime...:)

Grace said...

I have been following Pat for some time now and have enjoyed his postings ~

You can do them in between..he..he..

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