Friday, November 16, 2012

Rhyme Time to Amuse Me!

Just for my amusement
Please play along with me
I saw the doctor yesterday
and have a fractured knee!

So I'll be on the sidelines
instead of riding my horse
so if you'd rhyme along sometimes
I'll try to stay on course

I'll try to be a good girl
and do what the doctor said
Guess using crutches for six weeks
is better than being in bed!


Pat Hatt said...

My the sucks
No driving trucks
Or riding your horse
I guess it is par for the course

Been there as well
Sure is not swell
Still there a bit
Hate this screwed up umm err haha

CATachresis said...

Am really very sorry
that you've fractured your knee
You won't feel quite so jolly
Until your knee is free!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

you better be good
or like they say-
your nose will grow.

Myrna R. said...

It's hard to be impaired
but at least you can still comb your hair.

For six weeks you'll struggle
but soon you'll walk and waddle,
and even a horse you'll straddle.

(This is poor, I know. But just want to wish you a speedy recovery.)

troutbirder said...

Ouch Ouch
At least shes no grouch
And now to think about it.
The cructches keep her off the couch...;)

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Sandy said...

Cute little poem, though am sorry you're not quite up to running 24 x 7. I'm no good with words.

Picking out yarn
Not going to the barn

Or riding horses
not my courses

I have some white
It's so bright

To separate the red
while it lies on the bed

Toss in green
Now I'm gaining steam

A Christmas Ghan
To warm someone's clan

Hey...can you use your magic to spruce this up enough, that I actually might be able to use in a post with said Christmas Afghan?

SquirrelQueen said...

For Thanksgiving this year we planned a day of quiet
Little did we know it would be interrupted by an occasional good-natured fight.

Two small kittens are here
and though we find them dear
The energy level is tremendous
and the destruction level in our home is stupendous!

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