Monday, August 26, 2013

Put Yourself in Your Paper's Place.....

Okay.  It's Monday.  The entire week stretches out before us.  Let's unleash our creativity today instead of Wednesday!

How you ask?  I'll tell you how.  Pretend that you are the piece of paper you are writing or typing on....yes become one with your paper.  You ARE your paper.

Now let whatever pours into your mind come out.  Don't hold back!  You don't have to share everything but do share at least a small portion.  Your small portion will impact what the next person who reads your comment.

Here's how the top of your page should look:


Substitute your own name of course!


Jan Mader said...

I am Jan's paper. She used to have more fun with me than she does now. It seems like she's constantly thinking about ways to make money from her words. If I were Jan I'd think about the good old days when writing was always fun and I'd make sure I'd make the time to play with words. Who knows what Jan will do though. The way she's pounding her computer keys right now I can't tell if she's being joyful or rushed. That's the problem with being Jan's just never know about her!

CATachresis said...

I am Carolyn's paper. She must like me a lot as she sits and stares at me for hours and she must respect me too as she hardly ever touches me!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am Tweedles paper, and I am lonely.
My pages used to have all kinds of doodles and squiggles, and colorful marks all over me. There was a time when there would be a sun or trees,,, or magic bubbles, and happy faces and words covering me completly like a blanket! My paper made little sounds from the tips of the pens as they slid across me.
But now my paper is quiet and there are no happy bubbles, and so I am a little lonely, and I need to do something about this! And I am the only one who can fix this!

Mary Lou said...

I am Raelyn's paper. My typist is a bit of an oddball, in case you have not noticed. Do you really want to crawl into her head?! It might be a bit dangerous, I'm afraid!! But, if you MUST know, my typist has been meditating on part of a certain Robert Downey Jr. quote lately. "Minuscule is good!". That being said. My typist is contemplating the notion of creating another Blog--for Writing Projects only--since, she has so many creative ideas blooming within her crazy head.... And the world from England to Mexico as Readers!! Minuscule is good!! ;)

Jan Mader said...

Our paper's are telling a tale so far....

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am Tweedles paper. So far today, the only thing that has touched me are the shadows of the butterflys as they float across my paper.
I yearn for some words to be scribbled on me. That is what I want- a few scribbled words- and then the words can grow into sentences and ideas to share with others.

Mary Lou said...

It sounds as though you are suffering through a slump. Much like some major league baseball hitter who cannot belt any homeruns. Every writers go through these from time to time. They're never fun. But slumps are meant to be broken!! Give it some time, Friend. I look forward to reading your creative poetry when your slump is over!! ;op

Jan Mader said...

I am Tweedle's paper and I think that Raelyn and everyone else wants me to be filled with the joyful words that we know linger in Tweedles heart....I know the words that Tweedles used to write on me inspired happiness in the whole world. Come back to me Tweedles...come back!

Mary Lou said...

It has been well over one month since you last posted on this Blog!! I miss your word games, Friend!! Where in the world are you? ;)

troutbirder said...

I am Troutbirders paper. You will find me in his mostly empty diary, mostly empty fishing journal, half done genealogy pages etc. Thank goodness has something called an eblog. I'm sure he spend a lot of time trying to write in that....:)

Mary Lou said...

It has been two months since you last posted on this Blog!! Where in the world is Jan?!
--Raelyn and Rose

Mary Lou said...

Jan? Jan? Jan....? Where are you, Friend? Jan? It has been three months since you last posted on this Blog!! ;op

Mary Lou said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Friend!! ;)
--Raelyn and Rose

Mary Lou said...

It has been well over four months since you last posted on this Blog!! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was Merry!! ;op
--Raelyn and Rose

Mary Lou said...

Well, I have been away for awhile. I wrenched my right knee two weeks ago. It is slowly but surely healing up!! I. Am. Resilient!! Then I turned the "big 3-0" yesterday. What have you been up to, Friend?

Mary Lou said...

I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
It has been well over six months since you last posted on this Blog!! Where. Are. You?! Life has been seemingly busy for me lately. I wrote a fictional children’s story for March which was posted on my Blog, "Minuscule is good!". We have been watching my two-year old niece, "Amethyst", once a week. How are you, Friend? ;op
--Raelyn and Rose

Mary Lou said...

It has been eight months precisely since you last posted on this Blog!! ;op
Love you later, Raelyn and Rose

Sara said...

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