Sunday, January 18, 2009

Use your senses to create a poem about snow...

Happy snowy Sunday! Let's write more since today's the perfect day to write yourself or prepare a fun writing activity for your kids. How about a fill in the blank poem? Try this:

Snow looks like ____________.
It smells like ____________.
It sounds like ____________.
It tastes like ____________.
Snow make me want to ______________.

If you're using this poem with kids, help them explore with their senses before they begin to write. It might be a good time to braindrop the word, "snow."


Sandy said...

This is cool....Keep up the good work.

Sandy said...

Snow looks like cotton
It smells like fresh air
It tastes like chipped ice
Snow makes me want to keep looking out the window.

hum...I didn't do to well with that


Joansie said...

I found you through Sandy. You have a great idea. I'll have to tell my daughter (with the kids) about your blog. I'll keep reading!

Alya said...

Hi Jan! I loved this little exercise. It was fun. I hope to hear from you soon...

Snow looks like frosted clouds
It smells like Spring delayed
It sounds like the softness of silence
It tastes like shivers of coldness
Snow makes me want to leave my footprints on nature