Monday, January 19, 2009

"I have a Dream"

I was just thinking about a writing exercise to connect with Martin Luther King Day. It occurred to me that I should encourage all of you to always begin with the Braindropping activity that was the first post on my blog.

Whether you are an adult who wants to write creatively or a teacher/parent who wants to share the joy of writing with kids, start at the beginning. Everyone has so much background knowledge that's locked inside.

So, before you start an exercise that ties in with Martin Luther King's dream, make sure to braindrop the word "dream." The braindropping activity will always be visible on this blog!

What is your dream? What do your kids dream about? If you're a teacher, remember to set up boundaries so you don't have any nightmare stories but encourage the kids to have fun.

Share one of your own dreams with your class first. When you share the kids will want to share too. That makes me think of another thing! Start every writing activity with fun conversation. Play with words as you talk. Throw in some words that the kids may or may not know. Rhyme from time to time!


Heather said...

I think I will use this activity tomorrow with my students. It will be a great connection between MLK Day and the inauguration tomorrow. What day would be a good day for you to visit my classroom again and do a few writing activities with my students?

Jan Mader said...

Great Heather! Would the last Monday of this month work for you? Let me know how the activity goes with your kids!

NorieNC said...


Kudos! You've got followers. Comments!
Check out Twitter also. Search for writers and teachers and children's authors there and follow them.
You can also post there two liners about new posts you have. It really helps people get noticed.

If you're going to want to start teleconference calls look up Shelley Lieber, she's a writing coach and does good calls. If you're going to want to do webinars with a little web camera or just showing your computer screen, check out Dim Dim.

You might like That's one of my favorite creative sites.

Thanks for dropping by one of my blogs.

Anora McGaha (NorieNC)