Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Promise.....

I promise this will be a quick exercise for writers, teachers, parents, and students!

Let's go back to our lists again. This time, write a list of ten promises you'd like to make to yourself. For me it would look like this:

I promise to do my laundry before it overflows the basket.
I promise to keep my cell phone minutes under 1500.
I promise to spend less time at the barn

You get the idea.

After your list is completed, chose one promise that jumps out at you. I promise one will. Take five minutes and elaborate on that promise. This is a fun exercise that will take no time at all. Why? Because you already have all the background knowledge that you need. No research or thought is required...I promise.

Just one thing, remember to paint a picture with your words. For example: I plan to spend less time at the barn even though the sweet smell of the hay is calling to me right now.

Teachers, be prepared for some of your student's deepest thoughts...they might just tumble onto paper!

Teachers and parents, if you're writing with younger children, this exercise can be done orally. Help them unleash their creativity. Prod them for awareness. Talk about a promise you would like to make. Model for your children what it means to be a writer by demonstrating spontaneity and fresh ideas....YOURS! Dazzle your children with the love of language that I keep telling you about!


Suzanne said...

I love writing lists at the best of times - this will make the process even more fun.

Alasandra said...

I am off to make my list. This looks like a fun activity.

mum2twelve said...

Hi Jan - I found your link at Beyond Pearls, have you been following them for a while - how did you find them! Are they not an awesome family? Anyhoo! I am posting a comment to let you know I have linked to you today. Love the website - will be dropping in as time allows.


Jennie C. said...

Jan, your blog is great and I'm looking forward to trying these exercises with my kids. Thanks for leaving your link!

And Christi, I love you, too!

Glue Girl said...

Jan, you flatter me! (blush - grin) Truly I do not deserve the praise you've heaped on me. My classroom is an ordinary room - we have "stuff" everywhere and my students are the ones who have to put up with me. I try to think of ways to get them to express themselves, but the thing I want most for all of my students is to try their hardest with the tools they come blessed with. I cannot abide laziness or giving up. I want my students to leave my classroom being able to THINK! I appreciate having found you, too! Christine (Glue Girl)

Tony Yuse said...


Just a quick post to let you know that I think your blog is terrific! Keep up the good work and I will make my list of promises. I promise! Hey thats one.