Monday, February 16, 2009

Metamorphosis.....What happened????

Let's have some fun. Pretend you were holed up in your house all weekend because of a huge blizzard (not so far fetched for some of us) that literally closed your city.

On Monday you awaken...slowly, groggily. Something feels strange. You're not the person who went to bed on Sunday night. Maybe you're not even a person. What are you? Who are you?

Writers, do this exercise without thought. Write quickly and without worrying about grammar or spelling. See what you come up with! Share!

Teachers, use this same exercise with your students. Start out (while you're taking attendance) by saying something like, "I feel like a bear just out of my cave this morning." Explain why you feel that way. Ask your students to raise their hands to tell you what they feel like.

If you have older students, have them write a QUICK paragraph about who or what they are and how they feel.

If you have younger students, have them draw a picture of who or what they are, after they communicate their reasons.

Parents, you can do this same exercise at home. YOU go first. Who or what have you become? Explain theatrically. Writing flourishes in an environment where creativity is embraced.


JustMeAndMyTeddyBear said...

Hey! You commented on my blog, asking me to come visit so here I am! I like your site, it seems very nice. I'll make sure to frequent it. I enjoy writing, although I'm only 11. I think I have potential XD. I must say though, you are VERY pretty. I always like people who have red hair. I have absolutely no writing excercises, which is odd. I just...write. Although I do enjoy listening to music AND writing. I enjoyed your post of 'Change it up...". I am not a homeschooler, although I AM homeschooled. Have a nice day! Or night...depending.

Glue Girl said...

"... I feel stormy inside. I'm not the same being who entered this shell months ago. My mouth is changing, my body is different. And last night, I dreamed of flying." Lines from someone else, but my kids know all about metamorphosis from another being's viewpoint from reading "Chrysalis Diary" from "Joyful Noises: Poems for Two Voices," by Paul Fleischman. One of mine, and one of their favorite poems from the book that we really enjoyed performing together. I will MOST definitely use this next year when we read this book! Thanks again for another wonderful tool to hang from my tool belt.

Suzanne said...

This sounds like fun, Jan.

And thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog - so helpful as always.

Take care.


Annie Wicking said...

Hi Jan, Just click on the logo on my blog and it will take you to the wedsite where you can sign up your blog.

Hope this helps, (((Hugs))) and best wishes,