Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kick you senses into gear...

It's all about perspective really. It's about how things seem when we see them, hear them, taste them, feel them, or smell them.

Since it's the first of the week, let's let our senses run wild. Perceive things as we usually wouldn't. Let's unleash our imaginations and dazzle our papers with words and thoughts that are free from stress or purpose!

Writers, try writing a paragraph about how red might smell. Write quickly and without thought. Some of you might imagine that red smells like anger. Others might find that red smells like passion. Write! Write! Write! Then please share what you've written. I'd love to see your creativity gone wild!

Teachers, let your students wallow in the freedom to take risks with what they write. Encourage them to fantasize and be unconventional. Create a moment in your classroom where it's okay to just have fun and be spontaneous.

Ask your students to tell or write about how green smells. Ask them to write or tell you how spaghetti sounds or how their book tastes. If things are going well keep going! Ask your students what a bell feels like or how a stomach ache looks. If your students are struggling, YOU tell them how green smells, how spagetti sounds, and how your book tastes. It won't be long before your kids get the idea!

Parent's, join your children as you help them prod through exercises that are filled with ideas and sensations. Remember, kids learn best when a grown-up guides them through the process of writing.

This kind of activity reminds us how important our senses are when it comes to writing. It reminds us of the power of words and the wonder of language.


Suzanne said...

Great post, Jan. I'm itching to get started...

Sandy said...

Morning, I don't do that much with words on paper, but my yarn speaks to me in that way. Red is bold and full of life, a leader. Beige timid and shy, and sometimes boring, unless mixed properly with shall we say red?

Hey, no packing needed; take a virtual trip on my travel page


Annie Wicking said...

Hi Jan, I've posted mine on my blog because what came out of my head I felt sure go on my blog.

Best wishes,


Jeevan said...

Interesting, to give work to our mind. I have done a post on my blog too about red, pls do check. i came here through annie's blog!

Alya said...

Here you go Jan,

I hope this is ok:)

Beautiful marigolds dancing in my mind
Reminders of you
Of love
Swirling thoughtlessly...
Remembering crimson's sunlight
That sat so warmly in the hands
Of a bellowing ember in the bitter cold of winter
You fall into my mind on a day that
Recalls love to my heart
Like the rose that sits in solitude
Withering away
Crimson's light shines in to water my soul

Glue Girl said...

Jan, such kind words from you and Alya both - I'm not in a free write form right now - just had to thank you for responding to my post about my Dr. visit. So warm and fuzzy, blue, and white, and kitten-fur-ish, oh now I'm feeling the brown and butterscotch of my calico cat- speaking of brown and butterscotch-y. And speaking of that - you know that dark, reddish, auburn brown, that smells like love - baby goat love. . . I'm gonna get some more of that very soon!

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