Sunday, March 1, 2009

Easy questions...creative writing!

All of the exercises I post are quick and easy. After all, you don't have to write long stuff for writing to be real. Frankly, if you can't write short pieces, you probably won't be able to write anything that's least not well.

Short writing exercises help to build confidence. They allow the time to rearrange phrases or sentences and to really paint pictures with words.

Writers, if you're already working on a novel, these short exercises are a good break from brain strain. They help to free your mind and get your creativity flowing again.

Teachers, parents,and creative geniuses, kids who love words begin to enjoy writing. In fact, kids who learn to love language want to write.

Are you ready play with words? I like questions. They provide the backdrop for some fun quick writing. Here's a question for you (or your students) to answer. Why can't I ever find the end of a lovely rainbow?

Make sure you paint a picture with your words when you answer the question. Give me details. Since I've always wondered about rainbows, I can't wait to hear your answers!


Glue Girl said...

Why do the ends of rainbows have to be found? If life is a journey, not a destination, then should rainbows have ends? Or, on the other hand, isn't the rainbow's end those occasions when we feel incredibly happy and loved. When we are content to just be? I think that is my rainbow's end. Sometimes it is good to focus on the end result, but with rainbows, I think being in the moment is the important thing. When I am creating, it usually isn't the end result that is important for me: It's the act itself that refreshes my soul and becomes my rainbow.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Jan, I like how you make me think...
to such simple things in life!
I cannot find the end of the rainbow just as I cannot identify where the various hues begin or where they end.
I'm sure this is because I am always seeking for unknowns, discovering new information. I am quizical about everything.
I do have an irritating fault.
When I'm working on a project, whether it be one of my art pieces, or a flower bed, or changing a rooms look, once I can "see" my vision has come along as planned, it is complete...
(without the last brush stroke applied, or the last flower primmed, or the the art work is tossed aside without being framed...)
...complete in my eyes and I take hold of another ribbon in the rainbow, swinging onto the next project!
I had a Great Uncle who told me for years to never ever...quit learning!
In search for the Rainbows end, each step takes me into a new unchartered place. It would be a tremendous disappointment if the end were actually found!
I know I wasn't painting a picture here...just a reason...

Suzanne said...

Ooooh, this is a hard one...I'll have to give it some thought.


Maggie said...

Ok, so I read this and thought "I'll think about this later when the kids are in bed"...and then went off to make dinner. Apparently stirring beef stew gets the creative juices going, because this came to me before I was done:

Silently, stealthily,
on furry toes,
Leprechauns scurry
through forests and groves;
threading like ribbon,
and tying in bows,
stretching it...
hiding it, no one knows
where the end
of the rainbow

Kathleen Jones said...

The end of the rainbow is as the beginning...a mystery, a place to follow the path of dreams. An inspiration and a hope for what life has to offer...all the colors of the spectrum as diverse as the human race, but complete as one people. The ideas here are keeping me writing as I often get sidetracked from doing the writing...but giving me ideas keeps the creative spark on simmer most of the time...and occasionally it will come to a rolling boil where I must put my pen to paper.

angie said...

because you're too busy looking in the sky, and the end of the rainbow is right here in front of you...on the ground.