Friday, February 27, 2009

Blowing dandelions can lead to a magical storybook world....

Your words inspire me. On Tuesday, I asked you to use only five words to describe yourselves. Your descriptions blew me away. I realized that as a writer, I am part of all of you. Your words nudged me to think and dream more. Let me share a few of your descriptions about yourselves. Here goes:

I am doing my best.

My spirit gets distracted easily.

With love, they grow perfectly.

I'm traveling barefoot through life.

I believe I can fly.

Wishful thinking makes things happen.

After I read your descriptions, I visited your blogs and headed straight for your interests. I wanted to know more about you. I wanted to know why we are so alike and how we might be different.

I'd like to comment on each and every blog that I read, but one in particular made me want to write a best selling children's book. That person listed "blowing dandelions" and "watching bubbles" in her bouquet of interests.

I wanted to walk barefoot through her dandelions (that I'm sure grow perfect with love). I wanted to fly through her bubbles. Since my spirit gets distracted easily, I won't sit down to write that book tonight, but I know that wishful thinking makes things happen.

I love language. I play with words. I am dazzled by how we are alike and how we are different. Blowing dandelions. Watching bubbles. What do they make you think about? What do they make your kids think about? Ask them! Please share.


Amber~ Care and Feeding of Wild Things said...

On blowing dandelions- My thirteen year old son says: "This makes me feel warm happy thoughts of my infancy."

My eleven year old son says: "This makes me remember a wish come true, homemade cookies that you made once I told you I blew on a dandelion and I wished for them."

On watching bubbles- 13 yr old says: "Plop plop"
(accompanied by popping kind of hand gestures), then he says "watching bubbles lifts my soul and creates a feeling of enthralling joy, makes me feel warm and happy."

11 yr old says: "Watching bubbles makess me feel happy and calm, warm and relaxed."

This is a fun exercise, and my boys didn't at all respond the way I thought they would. Intriguing!

Maggie said...

Taylor (8):
"Dandelions are for wishing."
"Bubbles are flooooaty...whee!"

Bear (6):
(Ok, to be fair, I asked him over the phone while he was out with Dad, so he was a bit distracted)

Dandelions: "Um...I don't know, nothing really."

(Me) "Nothing?"

Bear: "Well, they remind me of what a sweet Mom I have."
(lol, riiight...he's learned that from his Dad ;-)

Bubbles: "Ooh, I like those!"

Chloe (3):
On Dandelions: "I don't know what a dan-de-lion is...oh wait! I know! A dan-de-lion is like a flower...I sneeze those flowers.

On Bubbles: "Bubbles are for popping. (Singing) Popping bubbles..pop, pop, pop! ...Mommy, can I take a buuuuble bath?"

Me: "sure Chlo..."

(Singing again, as she's walking up the stairs)

"Our imagination is the key,
'cause we never know what we're gonna be...
Come on let's play,
we'll take the day,
come on let's fly away."

(She has a knack for remembering theme's from Hello Kitty)

Red said...

I don't mention Bubbles in my house unless it is warm enough to go outside. Sorry. As far as blowing dandilions... LOL... UM... I don't want anymore weeds in my yard!

The W.O.W. factor said...

My kids are grown and gone, but the "kid" in me?
Blowing Dandelions is lazy summertime breezes for daydreaming.
Watching bubbles is the gypsy spirit in me..sometimes they float happily away and other times they pop mid-air!
Thank you Jan for your visit today, so I could come here. This is a wonderful blog you have!

Tatersmama said...

I came over from The W.O.W factor and I'm loving what I'm seeing!
My childcare children and I love blowing bubbles and dandelions... and I simply and purely love the sound of their giggles when they do it.
Though there is a small little "niggle" at the thought of the dandelions spreading everywhere.

Sandy said...

I love bubbles and seeing children blow bubbles makes me happy, I like bubbles; often when I buy them (I have no small children at home), hubby thinks I'm losing it. lol

Blowing dandelions...never. We have a dandelion farm a few houses down that keeps the whole neighborhood busy trying to pull and spray for weeds.

Good descriptions here Sandy

Love Kpop said...

I am looking for my memories through the stories, the narrative of people. I feel it is difficult but I will try.