Sunday, March 15, 2009

Green! Green!

One idea always lends itself to another. Our last activity was in response to a strong odor. I responded to an odor I hated. Most of you responded to an odor that was pleasant and descriptively beautiful.

I just now wandered into my backyard (along with my three dogs) and noticed the green tips of tulip stems poking through the ground. I started thinking about the color green and how our senses and emotions could come into play again.

Writers, before you complete our quick activity, (turned poem) think about what emotions green brings to mind. For some of you, green might remind you of new life...spring. Others may be reminded of jealousy or know, green light - go!
Here's the exercise. Just fill in the blanks.

Green looks like __________.
It smells like _________.
It sounds like __________.
It tastes like __________.
It feels like __________.
Green makes me want to __________!

Teachers and parents, do this same writing activity with your kids. Have a hearty conversation first. You lead the way. Guide your young writers to a place where creativity and dreams can grow. You go first. Write and talk at the same time. Then share what you wrote with your kids. I guarantee you, your kids will want write from their hearts too. They'll be chomping at the bit!

As usual, everyone please share!


Suzanne said...

Thanks, Jan. I'm going to print this out and work on it tomorrow.


Red said...

from my 10 year old daughter:
Green looks like _A frog_.
It smells like _Slimy nasty googy stuff_.
It sounds like _Reatch Reatch (like someone choking or coughing)_.
It tastes like _sour (x5) noodle, like if you kiss a frog and nothing happens_.
It feels like _slimy icky and nasty_.
Green makes me want to _vomit on my worst enemy_!

From me:
Green looks like _Spring_.
It smells like _the desert after a rainstorm_.
It sounds like _squishy shoes in mud sound_.
It tastes like _iron and minerals_.
It feels like _a ball (like in those things that kids jump in at mcdonalds or chucke cheese_.
Green makes me want to _have sex_!

Julia said...

Brilliant exercise! I'm a professional writer myself and suffer from occasional bouts of writers' block myself. This is another great exercise to loosen up and get those creative juices flowing. And if it works for me, I know the kids I work with will have a blast with it!

Christine said...

Green looks like my favorite fuzzy scarf.
It smells like raindrops on roses.
It sounds like crunchy celery.
It tastes like gooey spinach dip.
It feels like lazy Saturday afternoon romp in a meadow.
Green makes me want to jump up and go enjoy the sunshine (if we had any sunshine).

Glue Girl said...

Jan, my surgery will be the week after next, probably, and I should be in hospital only two nights. So you think three, eh? Me too, buy hubby says twins. He's in da Nile! Guess what! If you're the only guesser. you the only winner!

Christine said...

From one of the students (kayla) ...

Orange looks like a smooth countertop.
It smells like fall.
It sounds like a furry friend.
It tastes like hard Playdoh.
It feels like giggling skipping on the porch.
Orange makes me want to dive into the pool.

Christine said...

Blue looks like the sky.
It smells like ear wax.
It sounds like a big boom.
It tastes like takeout pizza.
It feels like soft milk.
Blue makes me want to play video games.

From Jordan (Grade 5)

Christine said...

From Cayla ...
Pink looks like my hat.
It smells like the lake.
It sounds like music.
It tastes like cake.
It feels like sleeping late.
Pink makes me want to bake.

Tayvon's ...
Red looks like fire.
It smells like burning wood.
It sounds like blood fall.
It tasts like an apple.
It feels like a mushy substance.
Red makes me want to be a superhero.

Blue looks like the day sky.
It smells like fresh air.
It sounds like ocean.
It tastes like ice cream.
It feels like a soft blanket.
Blue makes me want to sleep.

Breontaye ...
Blue looks like my favorite scarf.
It smells like chocolate chip cookies.
It tastes like berries.
It feels like listening to music and having fun.
It sounds like rain pouring down.
Blue makes me want to be outgoing.

Pink looks like my cat.
It smells like roses.
It tastes like ice cream.
It sounds like thunder.
It feels like a pillow.
Pink makes me want to dance.

Aliah ...
Blue looks like construction paper.
It smells like cardboard.
It sounds like running water.
It tastes like mildew.
It feels like a chalkboard.
Blue makes me want to go to sleep.

Faith ...
Red looks like a flower.
It smells like roses, both sweet and sour.
It tastes like candy.
It sounds like a summer breeze, all sweet and dandy.
It feels like a warm river.
Red makes me want to quiver.

Ranell ...
Black looks like the night.
It smells like coal.
It tastes like something burnt.
It feels like hard rocks.
It sounds like screaming.
Black makes me want to sleep.

Madison ...
Black looks like the nighttime darkness,
It smells like fear,
It tastes like cookies,
It sounds like silence,
It feels like evil.
Black makes me want to sleep.

Carmen ...
Green looks like the grass.
It smells like fresh cookies.
It sounds like wind rushing down the street.
It tastes like fresh water.
It feels like a comfy hat.
Green makes me want to sing in joy!

Kamari ...
Midnight blue looks like the beautiful night sky.
It smells like fresh air.
It tastes like warm chocolate cupcakes.
It sounds like stars twinkling.
It feels like a fuzzy sweater.
Midnight blue makes me want to wrap up in a warm blanket and sleep.

Brea ...
Purple looks like my favorite pair of earrings.
It smells like liliacs.
It sounds like people cheering for the Baltimore Ravens.
It tastes like plums.
It feels like the purple "I'm Drug-Free" ball.
Purple makes me want to have fun.

Just a sampling.

Julia said...

This is by my 9 year old daughter:

Green looks like fresh juicy limes, sweet tart and citrusy sliced on top of a cold key lime pie.
Green smells like an orchard full of lime trees -fresh and citrusy.
Green sounds like children laughing as lime popscicles melt in their hands and drip down their chins.
Green tastes like Key Lime pie at grandmas's house.
Green feels like summer and sunshine and days at the beach.
Green makes me want to do cartwheels in the sand.

Raena said...

Green looks like money I don't have.
It smells like musty, sweaty dollar bills folded up and stuffed in a pocket.
Green sounds like a craps table in Las Vegas.
Green tastes like sweet appletinis.
Green feels like desperate people hovered around a poker table hoping their luck will change.
Green makes me want to run far away.

Sandy said...

How read the words from the students in Christine's classroom! Some talent there I htink

Alya said...

Green looks like a jealous horizon fading and taking one more wink of nature's beauty

It smells like rain hugging a freshly sprouted blade of grass

It sounds like a chorus of leaves applauding the hummingbird's perfect landing

It tastes like lime sherbert in the heart of winter

It feels like jasper kisses wrapped in gold

Green makes me want to be yellow and blue so I could truly know how it feels to be green...