Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A while back, I asked you what stopped you from writing. You left lots of comments that were thought provoking and relevant to all of us.

Writers, I have another question for you now: Why do you write? Please be honest. I'd really like to know. Even if you only write because you have to, that's okay. Once again, it will be interesting to see how we are the same and how we are different.

Teachers, go ahead and ask your students this same question. Save their answers. After you've spent a month or so wallowing in glorious words and playful language, ask the same question again! I think you'll be surprised.


Glue Girl said...

Jan, you seem to be a night writer. I am a night hour, myself. I have to make myself go to bed. I went to bed a little earlier, but got back up because it takes me so long to get to sleep. I think I write sometimes so I can have someone to talk to about what I am doing. The main reason I think I write is to make sense of who I am. It almost is a kind of therapy for me. Or, I don't know, to see that I am here. That I am justifying and extending my imprint on Earth. Blogging is safe. It's anonymous, if you want it to be, and there is no pressure to perform. If someone thinks you're an idiot, that's okay because they're not ever going to confront you face to face and make you feel bad. Well, okay, maybe the last isn't true. I am not a diarist because it doesn't seem to count, for me, if there is no other audience than oneself. In my own life, I have always wondered what my ancestors were really like. Their personalities, but most particularly, the things they thought about and who they were inside. I don't know why that concerns me - it's probably just another manifestation of some form of vanity. Does this make sense? I guess there's not really a clear cut reason why I write on here. I don't do it anywhere else. I've always wanted to write a book, but I don't have ideas. Hey, it's now 12:28 A.M. on Thursday. You have it in the bag so far! ;-) Here's my email. Will you email me your addy so I can send you a little something-something? Here's my email addy: lilspotteddogatyahoodotcom. This is written in spam free language.

Luke said...

I write because I love to hear myself "talk" [smile]. I love playing with the English language. And I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with others in the hopes that it helps them.


Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I write because I have an impulsive need to share and communicate with others. I really am a teacher at heart and when I figure something out or experience something I want to share it with others. Maybe I can save them some time, money, trouble, pain etc., or help them in some way. I notice things in little details that others overlook (mostly in nature) and I enjoy revealing it to people and seeing their surprise.

What troubles me is whether people really want to hear what I have to say and that's the beauty of the blog - to be followed or passed on by. Ultimately it's the readers' choice.

Latte Lady said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am so excited to find yours and will soon be doing your suggested activities with the 2 Espressos!

Latte Lady said...

Hi again! I already put your blog on my, "Other Wonderful Blogs" list and joined your site.

Yes, you may use our comments or ideas. Just to warn you, I'm not the best speller in the world! Thank goodness for spell check!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan thanks for visiting my blog. I am hoping all of us "writers" can form some kind of network, sharing ideas etc.... I am hoping others will visit my blog and comment on my writing, which I will start adding to the blog.

I have enjoyed writing ever since I was a child. I still have poems that I created as a young girl. Writing is an outlet for me, a way to vent when there is no one else to speak with. Growing up in a single parent family with no money we did not have the resources that are available to kids today. I was alone a lot. Writing became my only friend and has remained with me ever since. What a loyal friend, huh??

Latte Lady said...

Yes, I'm a night owl too! I am heading toward the pillow soon, though. God's been waking me at 7 and we start school at 9:30 so I need to get my sleep! :)

I haven't always written. I really like to proofread and writing started to come after proofing my husbands school work for years. Now, I am really starting to like to write. I can't wait to incorporate your ideas tomorrow. Did I say that earlier? Ha!

There is a guy in our church who is an author. My husband just started reading his book and can't put it down. It's so funny because it is fiction and neither of us EVER read fiction. I only read it when I read to the 2 Espressos.

Good night, for now. I'll check back soon!!

Rabin Nickens, M.S. Ed. said...

Hi Jan. Thanks for visiting my site! "The Playmaking Way" will be released this spring and I'd love your feedback on the book. I'd also like to provide a link to your blog on my "School Bell Ring" blog, if you don't mind. By the way, I want to thank you for the books you've written. Although I'm a dramatic arts specialist, I've also been a classroom teacher and can't remember a year that at least one of your books hasn't been a part of our library. They are really tap into children's sense of wonder. Can't wait to tell my students that I've meet you (through the internet, at least :)

Why do I write?
1. For self-expression. I usually have so many ideas that I'm pondering, that writing them down is the best way for me to keep them in order. Over the years I've really gotten a kick out of going back over old journals, notepads, or even scraps of paper and using that writing to gain insights on who I was back then in relation to the woman I am today.

2. To share with others. It's amazing to me that with all this talk in the news about education spending and best practices, that the one voice that hasn't been heard is that of teachers. Some of the best ideas about reaching our young people comes from successful teachers, many of whom I'm sure visit your blog. I think we don't hear about them in the mass media enough because it's kind of hard for a teacher to write and share their ideas when they are busy attending to the business of teaching. It's been a long road, but I feel fortunate to be a practicing teacher that's been able to actually write and publish a book, but prior to that my ideas had been shared via speaking engagements, conferences, etc. The wonderful thing about writing is that these days, with the click of button on your computer you can send those ideas out to millions in an instant.

Jeevan said...

Your post inspired me to write a post dear! pls do check to know Why do I write? :)

Maggie said...

I think I write because I think...and think...and think. Thoughts start swirling around in my mind and sometimes there's no clear order or sense to them. It's only when I can get them outside of me and onto paper that they take on a substance. My thoughts feel more tangible when they are on paper, or a computer screen, where I can see them and manipulate them into something cohesive and sensible. Occasionally something will come to me fully a poem that pops into my head & writes itself in a matter of minutes, and when that happens it literally feels like someone has given me a gift. However, most of the time I feel like I'm putting together a puzzle; trying to arrange the fragmented thoughts floating around in my head into the picture they were meant to be.

Latte Lady said...

Hi again! I did the "Green" writing exercise with the 2 Espressos today and they LOVED it! These are kids who generally don't enjoy writing. I'm so excited!

I have a question for you. I am about to write my first book review. It's a nonfiction book. Do you have any tips?