Sunday, March 29, 2009

Move It!

Movement is art. It allows us to really show what is happening by creating pictures with our words. Today's writing activity was inspired by the howling, swirling wind that almost toppled the trees in my backyard.

Writers: Choose one of the groups of words listed below to include in a quick sentence or paragraph. As you work on your own writing this week, think about how these "moving" words awakened your creativity and inspired your ideas.

lumbering, meandering
slinking, slouching
gushing, leaking
sauntering, swaggering
scampering, scurrying

If any of the "moving" words on my list inspire other "moving" words for you, go right ahead and use your own words in a sentence or paragraph.

Please share!

Teachers and Parents: You can do this same activity with your kids, but first you have to arouse their imaginations. Talk to them about how a cat moves. Remind them that cats like to hunt and sleep in the sun. Create a list of some of the movements cats make before, during, and after hunting and sleeping. Hopefully, your list will include things like:
curl, etc.

One more thing. Before you have your kids write about a cat, ask them to move their own bodies like one of the words on the list. You move too. In fact, show your kids how a cat stretches!

Now your kids should be ready to write with you. You might want to provide a writing prompt to start them off. Something easy like: The lazy cat was curled into a ball on the porch. Then......

Please share your kid's work. It will inspire all of us!


Sandy said...

I wish I had the energy to scurry rigiht now rather then inching my way to the kitchen for more caffeine.

Too late a night with too much good wine I fear. lol

I'm going meandering in a minute to blogland and hope to post some more travel goodies.

Sandy said...

Hey you're ad for Int. Expl is what I was looking for yesterday, I'm wondering if I do that update if the computer will work better? Gonna go check it out.
Remember to put business cards in yourn purse, so I can a couple.


Sandy said...

You need to see my latest post on

Valerie said...

Hi Jan, love your blog! I am a former 3rd-grade teacher turned stay-at-home mommy. My favorite subject of the day...writing! It is a huge part of our curriculum in USD 233 (the Olathe, Kansas school district; suburb of Kansas City). Loved teaching Writer's Workshop in conjunction with Reader's Workshop and seeing little minds ignite!

Blessings to you from Kansas,

The W.O.W. factor! said...

My post this week pertained to 'lumbering and meandering'

We were lost in the grand forest of life! We lumbered around with no nails to secure us; we meandered through the winter months like misplaced wolves in search of their habitat.

Sandy said...

WOW, what a fabulous new banner. Your blog looks awesome.