Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just to get you thinking...

Take a minute to think about the most courageous person you know. Braindrop what you think it is that makes that person courageous. In case you haven't braindropped with us before, write the name of the courageous person that you are thinking of at the top of your paper.

Then, without stopping to lift your pencil between words, write every thought, word, or phrase that falls out of your mind that reminds you of your courageous person (write as fast as you can possibly write). Time yourself for two minutes, then stop. You should have a list full of ideas about courage.

Now, define courage. That's it. Let's see how our thoughts are alike and how they are different. Please share.


Karen said...

I love your blog! It has wonderful ideas and information!

Latte Lady said...

Thank you again, Jan! I am having the 2 Espressos do this right now. Yesterday, I had them do an acrostic. Double Espresso said that he "loved" it!

It's catching on!

Captain Hook said...

Will try this in a little while.