Monday, March 23, 2009

You Made the News!

Thank you for all the comments you left concerning Tango and Tilly....MY BOOK! I promise I will update you as things unravel.

Now back to the business....I mean fun....of writing!

If tomorrow's headline in the newspaper was about you, what would it say? Feel free to take artistic license...tell a whopper if you like!

I'll go first. My headline would read:
Local Redhead Battles Farmer During Daring Horse Rescue

Writers, your headline doesn't need to be silly like mine, but we've been much too serious for the past couple days. After you come up with a quick headline, feel free to turn it into a short article or column. I think there's a columnist in all of us!

Teachers and Parents, let your kids see you reading a newspaper. Read a few appropriate headlines out loud. Then make up a headline for yourself. It could be something like: Rambunctious Teacher Seen Using Training Wheels. If your kids see you being adventuresome, they'll be quick to join in on the fun. It won't take long to get their creative wheels turning! By the way, don't be afraid to use vocabulary that is unfamiliar on a regular basis. Kids love big words!

Please share!


Red said...

I read this post eariler today and decided to bump Molly with it as we made the long drive to school.
Me "Molly, if I were to pick up a newspaper and see your pictue on the front page, what would the headline read?"
Molly - "Is this like that color green thing?"
Me- "Yes"
Molly - "I am going to design the flying cars of the future, so, '10 year old girl makes car of future' "

Ok now my turn:
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! 8 more days to go!!!

Latte Lady said...

Jan, I love these great writing assignments. Basically, I need some simple ones like "green" to start off with.

Creative writing is one area that a lot (not most) homeschoolers lack in. I know I do. I didn't even like it when I was in school. I hated coming up with sentences to write for vocab words.

This may come as a shock to you but... I don't read fiction! I only read it when I do read alouds with my 2 Espressos! I once heard the main guy at Lamplighter Publishing say that reading aloud to your kids is wonderful no matter how old they are. When he reads to his kids, his college age kids come around and listen and love it.

I would love to start talking about your writing assignments on my blog and posting links to them. Would that be ok?

Suzanne said...

struggling writer signs multi-million pound two book deal (you did say it could be a whopper)

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Couple Sucked Up in a Whirlwind!