Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outside the box again....

This one is for all of you. It's sure to inspire creativity without time or effort. NO SCIENTIFIC ANSWERS PLEASE. So...without giving it any thought at all, answer this question:

QUICK! Why does grass grow?

I'll go first: So rabbits have something to eat.

Your turn. Please share.

As usual, if you want to continue writing, please do. If not, we've at least got you thinking outside the box!


Red said...

Philly - to give me something to mow

Joy - 'Cuz a little boy fertilized it

Me - because it would be boring without green

Candy - to give you something soft to walk on

Latte Lady said...

Latte Lady and Dream Espresso:
To cushion the earth
(we had the same answer that's what 14 years of marriage will do)

Espresso: Cause God made it grow

Double Espresso: Cause... cause God wants it to!

Amber~ Care and Feeding of Wild Things said...

Matthew age 11: Grass grows to paint the world another color.

Gabriel age 13: Grass grows so Ireland can be Ireland.

Me age: (ahem). Grass grows so I can squish it under my feet.

(By the way I have a small writing contest over at my place, please come check it out)!

Glue Girl said...

Grass grows because I like to go barefoot.

Ern said...

So I have something to mow!

Glue Girl said...

Hey, Jan. Greetings. I haven't been on the computer much because I EAT in here a lot. And, since I have been on a 600 calorie per day liquid diet since Tuesday, I need to stay away from "trigger" places. I'm actually doing very well not eating. It's really all just mental as I am getting enough nutrients in the food they've provided for me. The op. is Monday, and this part is necessary to shrink my liver, which lies just over the portion of the stomach they are going to be operating on. Enough about that, however. That durn goat has still not had her babies!!!!! She is huge. She just grunts and groans. She spends most of her time lying down, but who can blame her for that? My students had fun today. I have a high school student coming into my classroom who is a former student of mine, and she is in the teaching academy. She presented a lesson today having the kids write a fairy tale from a different point of view. They really came up with some cute stories. Thanks for your encouraging words on my last post. Sometimes I get too introspective and over analyze everything. My friend Jacky B was the other responder. She has the pleasure (?) of putting up with me in the real world. Did I mention she's a saint for that? Anyway, I am learning LOTS from you. Hugs, Christine

Matt said...

Because if grass shrank, the lawnmower industry would be in serious trouble!

Sandy said...

Pretty interesting that both Matt and Ern are thinking about mowing the lawn!

Have been having computer troubles and so haven't been able to blog much...hope things are better now.

Grass grows so we don't have mud pits everywhere.


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Sandy said...

ohhhhhhhhh I got the best answer....just was looking over your book list

Grass grows so you have someone to put the tent thats soft....tent in "Let's Go Camping", by Jan Mader.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Because I need to smile!