Friday, April 24, 2009

Plain and Simple

Just fill in the blanks...plain and simple. Then SHARE!

Spring looks like _______.
Spring smells like _______.
Spring tastes like _______.
Spring sounds like _______.
Spring feels like _______.
Spring makes me want to _______.

At the end of the weekend, I'm going to share some of your creativity (from this exercise and LAST WEEK). Barbara...yours is first! Stay tuned......


Tatersmama said...

Spring looks like God is blessing us with his beauty.

Spring smells like green shoots and promises springing from fecund earth.

Spring tastes like mama's warm biscuits with lavender honey.

Spring sounds like the world is waking up after a good refreshing sleep.

Spring feels like a new dress - in just the right color.

Spring makes me want to dance naked amoungst the blossoms and dig my toes deep into the dirt.

Sandy said...

Spring looks like _we've been another chance, another season to get it right______.
Spring smells like _fresh mowed grass, apple blossoms, and hayfever______.
Spring tastes like the barbeques that are soon to start all around us_______.
Spring sounds like _loud cars that need a new muffler, bad thud thud of the bass on car radios thats wayyyyy to loud, and children's glee as the swing and go down the slide______.
Spring feels like you should have more energy to do things, after all you did last spring_______.
Spring makes me want to get in shape, get a tan, or maybe just cut back on the gardens?_______.

Sandy said...

ok so why do you have a cool ad to travel in Madrid. I don't get cool ads like that even on my travel blog? awkkkkkkkkkkkk


Tatersmama said...

Why oh why didn't I think about you when my grandson asked me for a " big pile of books" for his birthday?
I know better now... I just want to buy them from the right sellers so that YOU get the benefit!

Anonymous said...

Spring looks like green.
Spring smells like puddles.
Spring tastes like chocolate bunnies.
Spring sounds like chirps and squawks.
Spring feels like taking off that jacket.
Spring makes me want to skip school.

(And thanks Jan for your kind comments about "quiet please..." You are more than welcome to post it here! I would be honored! Thank you!!)