Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to Share

I just can't keep it all to myself. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy a few of the comments that were left on the springtime activities last week. I'd be willing to bet that some of these playful responses will make you smile..just like me.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said: said...
When I work on my novel I like to work outside the best. I sit listening to the birds sing and watch the ducks fly in for a little swim while the squirrels come to beg peanuts. There's always a story going on in the back yard, you just have to watch for it... and then write about it :)While gardening I saw an interesting large green bug. I picked it up to examine him closer. He stood for a little while and then he opened his wings, caught a breeze and flew off. Then he landed on a bush about 10 feet away. A sparrow sitting on a bird house saw him fly over and swooped down to gobble him up. I jumped up to scare the bird and it flew away. I walked over to investigate the bug and there he was on the ground, not moving. He was dead. I felt bad. If I didn't pick him up to admire him, he might still be alive wandering around in the wood chips of the garden. I'm sorry bug.

Sandy sure knows how to braindrop! Her ideas will make a great story - fact or fiction. Here's her list:

Fresh air tall grass buds flowers blooming trimming deck bare feet clean up weeds yard waste fertilizer weed killer neighbors fence row walking tulips daffodilsiris leaves sore muscles charcoal picnic I spent the day trimming the Rose of Sharon, and the Mallow. Pulled the sticks from the hostas, pulled some weeds, filled 2 lawn bags........barely made a dent.

Tatersmama said:

Spring looks like God is blessing us with his beauty.

Spring smells like green shoots and promises springing from fecund earth.

Spring tastes like mama's warm biscuits with lavender honey.

Spring sounds like the world is waking up after a good refreshing sleep.

Spring feels like a new dress - in just the right color.

Spring makes me want to dance naked amoungst the blossoms and dig my toes deep into the dirt.

Angie said:

Spring looks like green.

Spring smells like puddles.

Spring tastes like chocolate bunnies.

Spring sounds like chirps and squawks.

Spring feels like taking off that jacket.

Spring makes me want to skip school.

Finally, Rabin Nickens left this comment:

There are so many great things about this activity (I wonder if we - me or my students - will be able to keep ourselves from raising the pencil off the paper), but I especially appreciate its value for urban students, who often don't get exposed to or an appreciation for nature. The city (NYC) is so busy, noisy, and bustling, taking a moment to just be still in quiet is very necessary. I actually think all schools should make some time for activities like this every single school day for grades preK-12. Seriously.Also, it's poetry month! My drama students are created their own scripts and monologues to perform in a June finale, so this activity might be a timely and constructive way to get their minds cooking.Thanks, Jan!

Thank you, Rabin. High praise indeed. I can't wait to hear what your kids do with this activity!

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Suzanne said...

You've inspired some great comments there, Jan.