Friday, May 1, 2009

Who Wrote the Poem About Testing?

Okay. I give up. This past week (or week before last) one of you wrote a poem about the testing that our kids endure this time of year. It was thought provoking and direct. I asked if I could post it and YOU said I could.

I'm losing my mind. Who are YOU? I would really love to post your poem.

Please get back to me!


P.S. Please go check out my new blog. I just posted a story that honestly happened.....


Latte Lady said...

Hi Jan! It WASN'T me!! ROFL!!!!!! That's for sure!!! I'm not a poet and I do know it!! LOL

Hope you figure it out and have a beautiful day tomorrow!


mmonstott said...

I wonder if it was one of the teacher's at Eve ST. I know Maggie's teacher last year had a wonderful song they sang regarding the tests.

Suzanne said...

I wish it had been me. I'd love to be able to write poetry.

Hope whoever it was contacts you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jan!
It was me!!

Here's the link to it--

(I've had a little cold--I just saw this post!!)