Thursday, April 30, 2009


If you know me, you know how much I love animals...all animals. My own pets are a great source of inspiration for me. You can find my animals in lots of my stories. If you'd like to meet them in person (photos) scamper over to my new blog at:

Let's write about animals together! No symphony orchestra ever played music like a child laughing with a puppy. Do you have a child and puppy to write about?

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for springtime suggestions on my last post...any takers?


mmonstott said...

What I learned last spring is that baby bunnies need to be put back in their nest so the mother can get to them each night. If you cover the nest during the day to protect it, you must uncover it at night. I guess rabbits can only get to their nest one way, if you block that way, they'll leave it. It worked for us!!

Bren said...

Your blog is super fun..... Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I can't wait to return now that I clicked on your follower gadget!

Happy Spring from my garden in the Midwest.