Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's Put It Together!

We've come up with some pretty amazing lists in the past week. First we listed words that showed movement. Then we listed words or phrases that described a person we knew (or had seen). We created a setting and then we described the place.

To be perfectly honest, you guys came up with better ideas than me. That's what I like about writing with you! It's lonely being a writer. It's fun having creative people who love to write and create.

With that being said, let's look back at our lists and write a quick paragraph using some of the words or phrases from each list. The words or phrases can come from your list - or someone else's list.

Here's my paragraph:

As Mary drifted past me she brushed her long ashen brown hair away from her face. I watched as she ambled under the umbrella of trees and looked out toward the lush green pastures. Mary is as mighty as she is tiny. It didn't surprise me a bit when she shoved open the heavy metal gate and picked up the overturned water trough. It surprised me even less when Mary gave every horse that came up to see her an affectionate pat. As she engaged each horse, drifting more into their world, I felt as though time stood still.

Your turn. Write as little or as much as you want. Just refer to the lists and have fun! I just did!

Just so you know, I'm leaving for a horse show tomorrow afternoon. I won't be back until Sunday evening. I'll check my blog then. Wish me luck!


gaelikaa said...

Hi Jan, just passing through, best of luck in the horse show! I'll have this assignment completed when you get back to check, but meanwhile, I would like to request you to visit my blog and read my post 'Magnificent Sevens' dated July 24th. I've got a tag to pass on to you!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Her soulful looking eyes searched as she made her way slowly down the rolling hillside.
She crossed through the trickling creek, making her way down the winding dirt road. Up ahead she could see the picket fence surounding the deserted graveyard.

gaelikaa said...

Hi! Back again! Thank you for visiting me, I look forward to reading your post on my tag! I've mad some new lists and came up with this.

The luminous comet whizzed and whirled through the infinite cosmos, shedding it's light into eternity as it hurtled towards it's destiny..

Jenni said...

Sitting in my creative space, way up above the Very-very-far-away-enough road, I listen to the morning song symphony. The scent of Mother Earth, dehydrated, thirsty, fills my nostrils.

Somewhere in the valley below, amidst the pilfering Vervets, pianists tickle the ivories and laughter dances in the air. I feel the heartbeat of Africa as I gaze upon the inspiring, humble image of Madiba - Grandfather of our nation, an enduring embodiment of forgiveness.

Thy sky outside, rumbles the news, of a thundering convergence of triple storms. As the first drops of rain quench the dry lips of Mother Earth, it begins, this flow of poetry from my soul.