Friday, July 17, 2009

Name the Place or....More Lists! we have a list of amazing descriptions of people we know (or have seen). So are you ready to create another list? Let's make a list of words or phrases to describe ONE place. This place can be somewhere that makes you happy. It can be somewhere that makes you thoughtful. It can be somewhere that makes you feel safe. Create a list of words or phrases that describe this place.

Here's my list:

1. greenish-blue roofs that can be seen from far away
2. filled with animals
3. green pastures
4. winding walkway under umbrella of trees
5. smells like hay and manure

Your turn! Describe ONE place. Let your senses fill your mind's eye before you start!


chicamom85 said...

1.Peaceful calm lake
2.Deer scampering through the woods
3.The smell of a campfire
4.Trees as high as the sky
5.The sound of happy people

Amber said...

1. Old world, old buildings
2. hot and muggy
3. near the Alps
4. three rivers run through it
5. home of giandiuotti candy

2cats said...

Just a question Jan. Can the list include an activity done while at this place, even if the activity takes place somewhere else? Say shopping?

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

1. Trickling creek
2. Deserted ghost town
3. Winding dirt road
4. Rolling hillsides
5. Jagged looking canyon walls

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I so wish I could write. My husband is working on a novel and planning another called bringing home Noah about our first adoption. I would love to write a book about that and the one Journey to Jeremiah for now as we work hard to adopt Jeremiah our son with severe cerebral palsy. Anyway I admire your ability to write :)


2cats said...

1. Comfort
2. Shopping
3. Restored one room schoolhouse
4. Board games
5. Guitar music

ocmist said...

1. A comfortable waterbed
2. A wonderful husband's belly for a pillow
3. A corgi under one hand
4. Another corgi snuggled up to my side
5. Reading a good book
6. 50-60's music playing quietly on the radio

Christine said...

bed with a good book
old bookstore
home with the fam
singing at church

Sandy said...

working in my back yard,digging in the dirt
walking and photographing at a cemetery
the shower
sometimes when I'm on the computer
sitting on the deck having morning coffee, or evening cocktails

Ryan said...

Blue water
cool breeze
feel the fish pick up the bait
set the hook

Jenni said...

1. Very-very-far-away-enough-road
2. My driveway
3. Wildlife highway
4. Pilfering Vervets
5. Cinema of nature
6. Morning song symphony
7. Thundering convergence of triple storms
8. Scent of mother earth; dehydrated; thirsty
9. Heart beat of Africa
10. Nurturing of my soul

AL said...

Very long and narrow trail.
Plants hanging around an old arched gate.
Weeds, bushes and centuries old trees inhabits the place.
Abandoned tombs are everywhere.
Scattered bricks from the ruins of an old chapel.

Jan Mader said...

You're doing a great job of describing ONE place. We're going to put this all together very soon. And Ryan, I can see Lake Erie and you on the boat!

How do I know this? Ryan is my youngest son who adores Lake Erie, boating, fishing, and being with his dad, brothers, and uncle! It doesn't hurt that my amazing daughter-in-law loves all the same things.

Sandy said...

I'm visiting all Bridge Members this am
Pop in, see some changes on the page,
check our goals, read about special summer needs, and it get's lonely when no one visits.

bridge and beyond

Suzanne said...

1. red roof
2. bubbling stream
3. quiet country lane
4. trees
5. hills

gaelikaa said...

1. Vast
2. Peaceful
3. Green
4. awe-inspiring
4. undulating hills