Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Lists - Don't You Just Love Them?

Okay. Onward and Upward. Now we're going to make a list of words to describe someone. That someone can be a family member, friend, casual acquaintance, or someone you just observed at your local coffee shop.

Close your eyes. Get a person in you mind. Now then, think about what three to five words or phrases you would use to describe that person. The words or phrases can show physical attributes, emotional characteristics, or fashion sense. Actually, anything goes. Draw your senses into this activity if you like.

I'm thinking of my person right now. Here are five words I would use to describe her:

1. hard working
2. long ashen brown hair
3. tiny but mighty
4. smells like sweet grain
5. tired

Your turn!


Latte Lady said...

1. short
2. quiet
3. aging
4. kind
5. busy

1. sweet
2. soft spoken
3. honest
4. oozes Jesus
5. good wife

Jan, I love lists! (I'm sick, I know...)

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

1. Amusingly funny
2. Ethusiastic
3. Whitty
4. Soulful
5. Colorful personality

AL said...

1. Handsome
2. Grumpy
3. Self-centered
4. Intelligent
5. Romantic

Amber said...

1. Middle child
2. Hazel eyes
3. Champion of the underdog
4. Kind
5. Speaks whatever he thinks

chicamom85 said...

1. Beautiful
2. Her face lights up when she smiles
3. Determined
4. Ambitious
5. Her curly hair bounces when she walks

2cats said...

1. Vibrant

2. Mother earth type

3. Loyal

4. Godly

5. Great hair

gaelikaa said...

1. Medium height
2. Dark haired
3. Well meaning
4. Domineering
5. Moody

ocmist said...

1. Prayer warrior
2. Tiny, but little was much because God was in her!
3. Totally loving
4. Hard working
5. Loyal to her word

Anonymous said...

1. very large nose
2. wise eyes
3. gentle touch
4. laid back personality
5. smelled like Christmas

Sandy said...

1. a heavenly voice
2. mature beyond her years
3. filled will passion
4. extremely dedicated
5. a walking dictionary


T said...

1. strong
2. loyal
3. takes friendship very seriously
4. very protective over the ones she cares for
5. very private

Suzanne said...

1. articulate
2. argumentative
3. stubborn
4. prickly
5. loyal

Jenni said...

1. Enduring
2. Inspiring
3. Humble
4. Embodiment of forgiveness
5. Grandfather of our nation - Madiba