Saturday, August 29, 2009

Talk to Me!

Tweedles paid me a terrific complement last week. She said, "I think you write from your heart, cause I can feel stuff you say."

Wow. As a writer, I can't think of anything I'd rather hear than that someone can feel what I say.

This blog has become a source of inspiration to me because of all of you. Things that you write from your hearts jogs my memory and makes me think of things long forgotten.

Each and every writing exercise that we do together has special meaning. If I knew you had the time for a long read, I would copy every comment that was left last week and let you have the same goosebumps that I did. Since it's the weekend and I know everyone is busy, I'll let you read any comments you want at your leisure.

Anulal said, "The best writing happens when our heart starts giving instructions to our hand, with the hidden doors of memories opened. Many of the recent literature lacks this and only became an act or trick, which can be performed through knowing the jargons of the theories and language."

Another wow. That was so well said. I honestly believe when we just frolic with language, exciting and meaningful writing follows whenever we want. Writing that talks to someone rather than at them is what true communication is all about.

Trust me when I say that I can hear all of you talk to me! Thank you so much.


darsden said...

I totally agree, the heart does send lots of thoughts that need to be put down..I just can't seem to write it out all the time but I sure can take pictures of it or try to.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I think sharring is about painting with words.
That's what YOU do.
To share life and inspiration, sometimes we can write between the lines- with words that create feelings.
Feelings that live deep in our hearts.
Sometimes those words can splash out and get everyone wet, just like standing by a waterfall.
An open heart can read those thoughts, and feel the same feelings that I do.

Sandy said...

What a nice compliment indeed. I struggle with words, so envy your ability and that of many of your visitors here.

I also struggle with stuff on the computer, but find I'm obsessed with it. Seriously, did you see the collage I put on Travel Blog, and my latest post on Sandy's Space...I made a movie! Now if you knew how long I spent trying to figure out how to do this, you might think me wacko. lol

Hugs, I see what you get inspired and think it's time for you to write another book or two or 4.


MAX said...

Hi there, Jan
Thank you for visiting my blog and adding yourself as a follower. I hope you don't mind me writing to you.
I was very curious as to WHY you are following me? Despite my blog being primarily a 'doggie-blog', the irony is that I created it with a number of of them being to practice my writing skills.
On my "working shelf" here at home, is an almost completed manuscript,under the banner,
"A SILVER SPOON FOR AN AFRICAN WHITE CHILD". It is sitting here waiting for an answer to my own pressing question;"What do I do with this?"
(I am not an author and I am not published! Indeed I have no clue about that world anyway.)This collection of short farm stories,from the 1960's in SA, is non-fiction and autobiographical. (Written for my future grandchildren), but it needs serious editing and guidance if it were to go into the wider world.
So please give me some feedback: Why the interest in my blog? Is it my writing, my poetry, the subject matter or what?
I would really appreciate you writing to me at
Kind regards
Caryl Moll

Jan Mader said...

Hi Caryl!

All the reasons you listed is why I'm following you. You're creative. You write and YOU LOVE DOGS! I always get good ideas when I read blogs that are creative! I follow blogs that I want to remind myself to go read again.

In addition, I always hope that creative folks like you will contribute to the writing exercises and inspire me, other writers and....teachers!

I'd love to talk to you more.