Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I love words and since they are the foundation of writing, I think that playing with them in unusual ways makes for magical writing.

Thinking outside the box is exciting and fun. Using words in a way that we wouldn't normally use them is thought provoking and down right exhilarating! So let's paint pictures with our words!

Use each word below to write one sentence that will describe a sunset or a thunderstorm.
Here are the words:

I'll go first!
1. The lightening scratched the earths surface and sent sparks flying into the air.
2. The young moon seemed to congeal with the sun as the pink day turned into a yellow night.
3. Thunder growled across the sky and shoved rain from the clouds.
4. The earth seemed to murmur "goodnight" as the sun left the last kiss of daylight.

Your turn! Use the words to write as many sentence as you like or use your own unique words to describe a sunset or a thunderstorm. If you use your own UNIQUE WORDS, please put them in all caps so we can be blown away by your creativity! (If you just want to write one sentence and use one of the words that's just fine!)

Teachers, you can use this same activity in your classroom. Just adapt it to make it grade level appropriate. For example, your words to describe a storm might include chili, marshmellows, crash, and gush. Any of these activities can be done orally. Just remember you go first!


Sandy said...

Use each word below to write one sentence that will describe a sunset or a thunderstorm.
Here are the words:

must think,I love your 4th sentence.
I am afraid of storms, I am afraid of animals that

Like the big powerful grizzle before he clamps down his jaw, the earth shakes and trimbles in fear at the growl and strength of the devastating ligthening as it lights up the night sky.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

1. The lost puppys face was scratched and mysteriously puffy.
2. My magic bubbles seems to drift slowly and congeal into the clouds above my head.

3. The raging tourent of water growled, as it made its way feverishly through the canyon.

4. I heard the humungous spotted owl murmur softly, as I tiptoed quietly past him.

Jan Mader said...

The sprinkling rain murmured of downpours to come.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

The marshmellows swirled speedily to congeal into my cup of hot coco! YUM

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I adore the words, "enchanting" and "wonderment"...aren't those lovely?

Am reading a beautiful wordy book, that feels delicious while reading.
It's called The School of Essential Ingredients, by Erica Bauermeister.

MAX said...

1. That first SCRATCH of droplets, on the parched tin roof, made me realise that we were in for a pelting!
2. As I watched the lowering of that beautiful red globe into the horizon, I felt the warm sand and the heavens CONGEAL into unexpected happiness.
3. After that first flash of lighting, we waited, expectantly, for the skies to GROWL.
4. Then there was a MURMUR as the trees too, celebrated their joy of return to abundance.

Jan Mader said...

Love all of the creativity! As usual, I'm inspired to write more.

Max just gave me an idea. How about:

The wind growled through the leaves before the tree toppled to the ground!

Jan Mader said...

P. S. Can't wait to read, "The School of Essential Ingredients"......

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

This has been sooo fun. I want to read that book too!

gaelikaa said...

1.The night receding, the dawn scratched the surface of the earth, ushering in a new day.

The thunder growled in the sky like an angry lion.

Marjie said...

Done with my sons in school:

Grade 5, 9 year old: The thunder growled as it tore open the sky. The light scratched the clouds. Everybod murmured about the sunset. The clouds seemed to be congealed on the sunset.

Grade 8, 13 year old: The lightning was a great fiery scratch in the sky, the distant thunder a growl. The murmur of the approaching storm could barely be heard. The cactus congealed. (No, he couldn't tell me either how a cactus congeals or how it relates to sunsets and storms).

Me: The waves murmured as the pink of the sunset congealed on the ocean. The clouds congealed as the growl of thunder intensified. Brilliant orange rays from the sunset scratched the horizon.

There you go!

ocmist said...

The scratching of the tree branches on the roof, and the murmer of the wind through the eves warned me that a storm was brewing.