Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's End It First!

Last week we wrote beginning sentences for stories that would leave editors of upscale publishing houses begging for more! Our sentences were so good that I wanted to finish more stories than my own. Lucky for you and me I didn't. We'd have to spend hours reading!
Right now, I'd rather about you?

Sometimes, when I'm trying to figure out what to write about, I start at the end of a story rather than the beginning. Sound crazy? Maybe it is. It just gives me a direction to go. Often by the time I reach my already completed ending, I change it, but it's there nonetheless.

Writing an ending to a story first gives me that nudge I need to get started.

Are you game? Let's give it a shot. This time, write a sentence or two or three that could end your famous story.

I'll go first:

Our house could never be the same again. And why should it be? Now it was a home filled with love.

Your turn!

Teachers, this is a fun activity to do as a group. Have your kids pair up in groups of four. Ask two children to orally end a story...first. Then tell the other two children to start the story that leads to the ending! You choose a partner and lead the way! Show the kids how fun it is to write a story backwards!


Jan Mader said...

Write a sentence or two or three that could end your famous story.

AL said...

Okay I got this lines from my previous's a bit emotional but it's how I ended my story.

Typhoons come and go in this country and they say we are so used to it and we always prevail. We can let all the materials things go as long as we stand and stay together, help each other. We know we will be able to survive again with our heads up high, despite the grievances over one's loss which would always be left unhealed forever.

Jan Mader said...

You're right, it is a bit emotional, but what an amazing ending to a story....I need to go look at your previous blog...I thought I was just at your place! Need to go reread!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Wow Al, that is an awsome, uplifting ending if you ask me.

Tony Yuse said...


For kids right?
How about ...and after the last cop left our living room, my mom turned to me and said " I guess you're right. Your brother could sleep through anything!"

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

The beginning sentence was
"The marshmellows were toasted to a golden brown"

The ending sentence is

"As I stood listening
to the murmur of the gushing water
plunging deep into the canyon
my senses awakened inside of me.
The splendorious display
in the heavely sky
were triggering emotions
in my soul.
My memory has returned
and I know
that I can really
tust again"

AL said...

Oops should it be the ending of the last week's story?

RIZZI said...




Jan Mader said...

Nope, Al. Just an ending! Yours was awesome!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Just another day in the land of corgis. Time to sweep again!

Evergreena said...

I took Green's small, dirty hand in mine and he grinned. "Ready for more adventures?" he asked.
I looked back at the fountain, the trees, the birds. This was my home now, but I couldn't stay. The King had other plans for me.

"Let's go," I said, and we flickered into another new world.

~from The Flicker Chronicles: Bluewillow
(which I am writing now)

AL said...

I love to write dramatic story's another one!

Prior to this journey, I always thought that the mind is superior to the body and that I could predict what would happen. I never knew that there are things that you wanted to see yet the mind cannot show it to you. Perhaps, the eyes are the only means to see what reality is, whether one likes it or not.

ocmist said...

Beginning: Hi! My name is OC, which stands for Ornery Critter, and I would like to tell you about my home in Corgi Country.

Ending (Children's Book) I let her lick my face, and I licked hers and told her “Thank you, for helping me.” BG and Dott are very happy that we are going to try to be friends from now on. It might be nice to be friends instead of always feeling bad and mad. I think I will try it.

Jan Mader said...

These are all amazing! Is it just me, or do you want to write more too?

Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

Endings are the HARDEST things to write of all, aren't they?

Here's mine to go with the beginning in the last exercise:

Kirima was ready to take his full place as head of his family. He was ready for a dog team of his own and was prepared to provide for his grandfather and grandmother. Why, in time, he would claim a wife much like Liak, with laughing eyes, tiny sewing stitches, and strong teeth. He was ready.
For, on this day in early spring, far from the winter seal camp he called home, Kirima had left childhood behind forever.

2cats said...

Kathryn asked, "Are we going to walk off into the sunset?"
Thomas chuckled. "No.", he replied, "But I do think we should stay for the sunrise."

chicamom85 said...

I am walking out this back door for the last time. When I shut the door, will the memories be closed too? I turned around one more time and gazed upon the ice skates, rusted and tattered and smiled. The memories would always be with me and now so will the skates.

chicamom85 said...

At last I am snuggled in close to Mommy. Today I protected her from strangers at the door, dogs outside and a bug. What a good day, I must rest now, for tomorrow may have new challenges and I must be ready.

Suzanne Jones said...

Will have to think about this, Jan. But what a fantastic method of working - much easier to write if you know what you're aiming for(even if the ending is changed eventually). I'm just starting something new and am going to try this.