Saturday, February 27, 2010

What the 2nd Graders Had to Say About Love

We finally made it to the second grade classroom on Friday. I did the same writing activity with them that I did with you.

They are so much fun. We spent at least half of our time talking about what love means and how it looks. Some of their answers were the same as ours but some we're different. I promised I'd share, so I will!

Here were the instructions I have the kids. Use your pencil to paint me a picture with your words to show me love.

Boy: Do I have to read this out loud?
Me: Why?
Boy: Because I'm embarrassed.
Me: No, do you just want to show me?
Boy: Sure, but don't tell anyone.
Boy's answer: Love looks like me giving my mom a hug after she bakes me a strawberry cake for no reason.

Girl: Love looks like my sister letting me sleep close on her side of the bed because I'm cold. (This is a family of nine children.)

Girl: Love looks like my dog.
Me: Can you paint a picture with your words to show me why love looks like your dog?
Girl's final answer: Love looks like my dog putting his head in my lap when I'm in time-out.

Boy: Love looks like my dad buying me two new black fish with silver tails right after one of my fish died. I love fish.
Me to the class: Did his father buy him a two goldfish?
Class: NO!
Me: How do you know?
Class: Because he used his words to show us what his fish looked like!

Girl: Love looks like a relationship. I'm having a relationship.
Note: I moved by this one quickly. Talked to teacher afterwards.

Girl: Love looks like my grandma mashing potatoes.

Boy: Love looks like my two cats.
Me: Tell me how love looks like your two cats. Paint a picture for me.
Boy: Well really love is my mom letting me have two cats when she doesn't even like cats.

Girl: Love looks like my dad when he pretends he's asleep in the chair so we can change the channel.

Girl: Love looks like me pushing my dog in a stroller while my mom pushes my brother in a real one.

Boy: Love looks like my mom crying.
Me: What do you mean? Can you paint me a picture with your words?
Boy: Sometimes my mom's so happy to see me she just cries. She says she cries happy tears.

He painted a picture for me that I could really relate most of you can too.

Since I was in this school last time, a new speaker system has been added to each room. The teacher wears a small microphone around her neck. I used it while I was there. It sure eliminates shouting to be heard.

Most of the kids love to share what they write. Now they have their very own microphone to use too. I think they feel like stars! Believe it or not it cuts down on a lot of the noise. The kids are eagerly attentive!

I'm always humbled when I listen to what children write. Sometimes I honestly believe that the kids are the best teachers in the world. They sure ignite my creativity!


Janie B said...

Wonderful answers from second graders! That's why I teach. You can't beat it. Thanks for sharing their answers.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Those answers about love, came right from the heart. They are genuine.
I wish I could come sit with the second graders and listen too. We could share stories about love.

Kas said...

I look forward to trying it out on a class in the near future, being a relief teacher should give me an interesting cross section.

Also need to tell you Jan I am writing again, I still need to establish a less tenatative voice but I know I am on my way.

Carolyn said...

Well done Jan, aren't kids are brilliant! Out of the mouths of babes ....

I must admit I had trouble with this one; now realising that you lose symplicity (and some imagination) as you get older.

Having another go .. Love looks like my mother keeping her mouth shut lol

Suzanne Jones said...

This is just too cute, Jan. Thank you so much for sharing.


Pam said...

Kids are amazing and they always have touching, funny things to say. Thanks so much for a nice read!

Hank said...

Love looks like my dad when he pretends he's asleep in the chair so we can change the channel.

That is adorable. :)

AL said...

Those were honest answers from innocent children, funny but true.


SuE said...

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Sandy said...

Some cute responses. I'll send Chrissy a note to read this.

Too bad you and I can't go to her classroom.