Monday, July 27, 2009

More Lists?

Do you want to create more word lists that you can store for future use or do you want to do something else? I've got tons of ideas and writing activities that we can do. Lists can be fun, easy, and extremely useful later on.

You tell me. What do you need? What do you want? I've got it! For now, please leave me a list of three things that you'd like to do when we write together. Think of it as a game. Writing is fun. When it stops being fun, we need to move on.

Please indicate what your goals are at the top of your list. If you're an aspiring writer, say so. If you're a teacher or homeschooler ready to head back to the classroom, I need to know that too.

If you just like to write for the fun of playing with words you've come to the right place. Let's IGNITE TO WRITE!

I'll sit tight until I hear from you! My mind will be whirling patiently.


jet said...

I love the lists - they help me get ideas. Keep 'em coming.

Sandy said...

I don't have specific needs, just enoying coming to your blog and reading what everone does with words. You're always full of great ideas, keep them coming.


gaelikaa said...

1. It is my dream to get back into writing. before I disappeared into marriage, I had a couple of freelance pieces published in magazines.

2. I also help my four kids with their homework. I try very hard to inspire them in English but run short of ideas.

I enjoy coming here. It really ignites my creativity.

chicamom85 said...

It was my dream to study Journalism, I went in a different direction. I don't believe in regrets. Your blog does ignite me Jan, thank you.

1. I like to let my imagination run wild
2. I enjoy putting myself in another place for a short time.
3. I come here because I love the creativity and the input from all the writers. It is a great community.


Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

The thing that really grabs me when I read a book or blog is the ability some writers have to be descriptive in unusual and wonderful ways. I'd love to have some exercises that challenge us to describe things in unique and mind blowing ways. I just don't know how to look for this type of inspiration outside of the box.

On my dog blog, the dogs are SO literal. I need to jump out of this place into a totally opposite place.

Any tips here for us?

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I will have to come here more often.
The lists are pretty interesting and they get the creative juices flowing.

Anne's suggestion sounds good too.

I would like to spice up my writing on my blog.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Jan
My goal is to touch someones life and to take them away to another place.
I live in a real world.
But, I like make believe.
I do get confused sometimes on what is real.
But does it matter?
I hear and see things that others do not.
I love to show others that they can believe in magic and make believe, like they did when they were little. It does not matter how old you are.
All that matters is that you believe.


ocmist said...

I love to write and create. My mind flows along the same lines as Tweedles in so many ways. I try to look at God's creation and describe it so that other's can see the glory, power and love that He put into His creation.

My corgis just about write their blogs themselves because I know them so well that they DO tell their own stories.

My kids are gone across the country now because of work, spouses, etc. and I want to write things that I can send my grandkids that will bring laughter, joy and creativity into their lives.

I worked for so long with special ed. children, and so often, though their little minds are trapped in an unforgiving body, they are still IN THERE, and they need stimulation through stories and pictures, too.