Thursday, July 30, 2009

Magic - Pure Magic

Thank you so much for leaving your ideas. This is going to be so much fun!

Magic is what writing is all about. Finding words to cast that magic is what we can do together. Writing activities don't have to be long or difficult. They need to be joyful. They need to inspire you to "spice" up what you write.

Together, we can find ways to say the same thing in lots of different ways. Then, whenever we want, we can let what we do spill over into our own pieces.

We can help our children learn to think outside the box, just like we do.
We can let our imaginations "run wild" together!

So, here we go! What word or phrase could replace the word "lazy" in the following sentence:
He looked lazy.

1. like a slow moving train
2. like a sleepy elephant

Your turn. Think outside the box. Help me get rid of the word LAZY. We can start a new thesaurus! Leave as few or many words as you like. Please invite other bloggers to join us. Bloggers are writers. Let's fill our very own thesaurus to the brim!
*Please come back more than once if you think of other ways to show "lazy"


Diane said...

Love your blog! I found you through Tweedles. I am thinking...He looked tired or He looked lathargic.

MzzLily said...

He looked like Lily! LOL... I'm feeling lazy today. Just wanted you to know I'm still reading. Just been so busy I don't have time to participate. But when I saw 'lazy' I couldn't help but jump in!

Jan Mader said...

Reading is just fine! I'm feeling lazy today too...actually, I'm feeling like the broken motor in my disposal that barely hums.....

Sandy said...

He looked lazy like a wilting flower after a downpour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and thank you for letting me know about your other blogs. I will also get you into my blogroll and I will be checking them all often.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

He looked like a turtle basking in the sun on a floating log.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

He looked really pooped!
tee hee hee

How about he looked exhaugsted
He looked out of steam

(see one of my best friends came to see you)

AL said...

He looked like plain steamed rice. Sigh.

Jan Mader said...

YES! Diane came...I'm so happy!

And I love..."looked out of steam" and "plain steamed rice. Sigh."

How much lazier can we get?

chicamom85 said...

He looked like he was ready for bed.


p.s. More fun at Jans house!!

Jenni said...

He looked slothful, as the languid smile crept across his face...

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

He looked like a flat tire

gaelikaa said...

Somnolent? Languorous? Lethargic?

ocmist said...

He looked like a sleeping squirrel draped over a comfortable branch.

He looked like a sunbathing corgi, his legs stretched out behind him, cooling his belly on the grass.

He looked like a stretching, yawning cat that turns around and repositions for another hour-long nap.